Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Goodbye, Sweet Baby Boy

While we are not blogging much at all anymore (you'll find us on our social media channels on a regular basis instead), I simply cannot let the passing of our sweet Teutul go by without a proper post. 

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Saying goodbye to my sweet baby boy was never in our plans last week, but on Wednesday evening, September 5th, we found ourselves doing just that.  

Teutul hadn't been sick or acting any differently -- sure, our little old man had been slowing down quite a bit these past months, but he still loved to play, eat (and ask for any fruit or veggie scraps he could get... he loved everything from berries to cucumbers), cuddle, and simply adore being with his sisters and his humans -- and he was a happy-go-lucky, lovable boy right til the very end.  

Tut came into our lives on Superbowl Sunday, 2004. We were supposed to foster him until the rescue found his forever home... because, of course, we never intended to be a 3-doggy household.

My parents stopped by that afternoon and met the adorable 4-month old pup who the rescue called Tigger. I secretly hoped they would want to adopt him. Instead, they watched as his Daddy sat in the middle of our living room floor and the puppy crawled into his lap and fell asleep, looking happy and content. As my Mom left that afternoon, she proudly proclaimed that the puppy had already found his forever home and our family had just grown by one. We laughed and shook our heads... A few days later, I had to tell Mom that she was right.

I wanted to name our Superbowl baby Brady (seemed right, given we had just won!), but his Daddy wasn't sold on the name. So I said "how about Mikey?" to which he responded, "Mikey Teutul?" and it just clicked...Teutul!

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Over the past 14 1/2 years our loving, smiling, sweet, goofy boy has responded to Teutul, Tut, Tut-Butt, King Tut... sometimes, even Zeus, Lola, Sophie or Penny...

He's brought much joy and love to our family, keeping us laughing even when he was being a PITA... Tut required his nightly cuddles while watching TV and didn't care if Mommy & Daddy would rather cuddle with each other instead of him. He always wedged himself in the middle and reminded us that no matter how old he was, he was still the baby...

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Even at nearly 15 years young, Tut still had that perpetual puppy face and boy do I miss those big curious eyes staring at me, especially while sitting next to me on the couch, just waiting for me to raise my arm so he could tuck his head in to cuddle (if I was knitting, he knew enough to just lay next to me, or to position his head where the needles weren't)... 
I miss those cuddles, especially these past couple of nights which have been cool, and the perfect cuddling weather...  
I miss him greeting me as I open the front door after work.... 
I miss him staring at me as I dry my hair, protecting Mommy from the evil hairdryer... 
I miss having to move him over when I climb into bed... 
I miss having to pick up all of the pillows and blankets that he pulled down to make an extra soft bed for himself on the couch...
I miss having him ask me to open the back door so he could go out on the deck... 
I miss hearing him bark - usually twice - as I lock the door and leave for work... 
I will miss him following Penny & I around while practicing nosework, as he caught on to the game quite quickly...
I miss his sneak attach butterfly kisses...
I miss his stinky, old man breath...

rescue dog coonhound shepherd mixed breed adopt rainbow bridge

I MISS YOU TEUTUL... we all miss you. 💚 
Never, ever did I expect to watch you take your last breath in my arms last week. I am glad you waited for both Daddy and Mommy to be home, but we are still so shocked. I will never understand why it had to happen now... I was so looking forward to making your 15th birthday the best ever... now I find myself with only one October birthday left to celebrate (hope you and Grammy share a big, yummy cake this year).
I know you did this on your own terms, and you did it so Mommy & Daddy wouldn't be forced to make the decision for you. Thank you for that last gesture of unconditional love. 💚💚💚
Our hearts are broken, but we take some comfort in knowing you, Zeus, and Lola are together again, happily romping over the Bridge... 

Rest in peace, my sweet baby boy... Run free with
your brother and sister, but please keep a watch over
your two little sisters and your humans who love
and miss you so dearly.
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  1. We are so very sorry and we all send love and hugs your way. It's sure never easy to say goodbye.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Teutul. Our pets are just like family so it's heartbreaking when they pass. But although they are on the other side, we can still communicate with them if we like.

  3. I am so very sorry. My heart absolutely breaks for you. I lost the fur love of my life over a year ago and still miss him every single day. Try to find comfort in knowing sweet Teutul is at peace.

  4. Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. The hardest part is saying goodbye.

  5. I was so sad to read this on Facebook - losing a furry companion is never easy but for 1 ot leave so suddenly is devastating, especially when there have been no symptoms. Teutul had suvh a sweet face - he always looked happy.
    Sear Teutul - say hi to my Angel Shiloh at the Bridge - I'sure he will show you the best places to find critters.
    Hugs and prayers to your mom and dad.

    Mom Kim

  6. We love our pets so, they are our furry family members. Saying goodbye to them is never easy and it sure does hurt.

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss! I lost my fur baby last September. So heart breaking when we lose them :-/

  8. what a precious post, we lost our dog the same day you did as well. Our pets are so much more they are our friends, confident, family member and so much more So sorry for your loss


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