Thursday, October 26, 2006

Socks and Gauntlets and Pumpkins... OH MY!

As promised last week, I'm back with many, many pictures for your viewing pleasure!

First up, some of that "festive fall" crap stuff from before. :-) We've had some rain and icky wind that has knocked most of the beautiful leaves off of the trees already, but I did snap this one from our driveway view.


How about a ghostly view of the pumpkins at the Keene Pumpkin Festival last weekend? Okay, okay, so maybe its not so much ghostly as a little out of focus? It was difficult getting any good pictures with it being so freaking overcrowded very well attended and at night. Of course, you know me, I found paw prints...

100_2193 100_2187

Socktoberfest is almost over and sad to say, I'm still working on my Magic Stripes. I've put it aside to work on various other projects, but did have good intentions of not only finishing this pair, but a second pair as well in honor of Socktoberfest. I guess I'm not a very good participant, huh? Here's a pic, next to the
Smocked Gauntlets that I cast on last week and haven't had a chance to really knit much on since...


Here's a close up of the gauntlets so you can see the stitch detail and the awesome Rock Lobster colorway by Sereknity! So far, these are a blast to knit and I hope to have them finished soon - my hands are getting a little chilly waiting for them!


I've been working on a scarf of my own pattern in a cashmere blend yarn. I'm not totally happy with it at the moment, as its rolling in to a spiral due to the stitch pattern, however I'm hoping it will block out flat when finished. I'm using the Sereknity needles too..


Next to the scarf is a darling little baby bootie. I've been working on doctoring up a pattern to make some for the Holiday Open House at Jenn's and thinking I've finally got it down.

Speaking of Jenn, Nate's hate is finished (woo hoo... hear that, a FINISHED object!!)... I absolutely love the way this navy color turned out (and its Heirloom Breeze, which I love knitting up) and can't wait to see it being modeled by the little guy!


I didn't make it to knitting guild last night, as I've been fighting that nasty sinus pressure and allergy crap. I did plan to veg out and knit at home, but instead decided it was time to switch to my new bag that I bought at the Cirque du Soleil show last month (yes, they now sell some bags and I believe even clothing). Figured half an hour at best, but instead it turned in to a full evening project, with a little help from my 4-legged children. Smell something a little fishy in this picture (hint, I even marked it for you!)?


Isn't it THE coolest bag though? I couldn't resist - its my favorite colors (purples and blues) with an awesome funky lining and cool details... yea, I dropped a bit of pennies on it, but I love it and that's what matters!

Speaking of the children, I wanted to share a few new photos and updates.
Zeus' xrays showed wonderful success with the surgery. The spot where the bone was cut through is barely even visible on the xray and everything is healing quite well... the pins and plate are all nicely in place and the knee is stronger than ever! We may put off the 2nd surgery until February / March, but haven't completely decided just yet. Here's the big guy enjoying the crisp fall air and a new toy...

Guess who just turned 3? Our littlest monster, Teutul... shown here "hanging" with his new buddy from Old Navy (the middle of it was a stuffed Halloween Mummy, however the stuffing didn't survive the night, but he loves it just the same)...


And guess who thinks she can knit? The lickmonster herself, Miss Lola, who's been eyeing my yarn and those really cool sticks that go "clickity-click" over her head as she tries to cuddle up in Mommy's lap to watch TV.


Now guess who thinks she might be able to spin? Did you guess? Yup, I finally ordered myself a drop spindle off of ebay and am anxiously awaiting it (hopefully Heather's just as excited to be anxiously awaiting my cries of HELP... thanks in advance dear!). Next week our knitting group is making a trip to Riverslea Farm and I can't wait! I'm quite sure I'll come home with some wonderful wool and roving.

Until next time, try to stay festive and enjoy what's left of fall!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Festive, my arse!

Its been awhile since my "festive fall" posting... but I am here... you know, just in case someone out there was wondering. :) So, I say festive fall my arse... work has been more stressful than one would like and has really been cutting in to my knitting time! Does that really say 7 months til Charlotte at the top of my blog??? It can't get here fast enough!

No new finished objects to report, though Nate's hat is nearly complete, as is my Lion Brand sock #2 and the diagonal scarf. I'm getting ready to cast on Heather's
smocked gauntlets in her blazing Sereknity Rocklobster colorway, as well as my 2nd pair of socks. Now decisions... what sock yarn to cast on? Trekking? Step? Sereknity? Oh... I just might have to reach in the drawer and blindly pull out a winner. I'm also getting ready to cast on the Angel sweater and whatever else floats my boat... but I just have to finish this first pair of socks and a couple other loose ends before moving forward (not to worry... there will still be plenty of other unfinished objects on needles throughout the house....).

I did cast on a lovely cashmere blend scarf using Heather's handmade needles (scroll down a couple posts to see) and they are knitting quite nicely ... and the tips can do some pretty heavy damage to non-knitters are amazingly sharp and smooth (so yea, I might've poked myself once or twice, but I'm used to it now!). If you need to get some pretty needles for a gift your own collection, be sure to check out
Heather's lovely items.

Made the trek to Webs and got my blocking board with my wonderful birthday gift certificate! I was pretty darned freaking too well behaved while there and didn't fill up the basket too much! I did get some Artful Yarns Fable in #97 Billy Goats Gruff (and no, I didn't just buy it for the funky name!) to make a cardigan.... a gorgeous skein of Fiesta Yarns Insignia La Bhoeme - check it out, hand dyed mohair/wool/rayon/nylon mix to die for, I got the ruby red for a scarf ... I also grabbed a couple skeins of Gedifra sock yarn and some patterns that were in a big 'ole basket marked with my favorite word FREE! Of course most of the patterns were totally 1980's throwbacks, but I did find a couple of decent sweaters in there. I also got some FREE (there's that word again!) coffee mugs, as they were having a special of "spend $50, get a free mug" and well, I spent enough to get 3 mugs... :)

Zeus update... we just hit 10 weeks since surgery #1 and he is at the vet's office today getting the follow up x-rays. Recovery seems to be going quite well and he's been back to his spunky self for quite a few weeks now... if anything he's acting MORE like a puppy again (ay, yi, yi ... 120 pounds of "puppy!"). We're hoping to put off surgery #2 until spring (also known as tax return time), but we'll see what the good doc has to say tonight when we meet to review his x-rays.

Looking forward to knitting guild tomorrow night... see you there? I'll be back later in the week with pictures... hopefully some beautiful New England fall shots for you to feast your eyes on!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Festive Fall Findings...

Okay, so "festive fall findings" really doesn't mean too much, but I couldn't think of a better title for my entry today and I just had to write several "festive fall savings" ads for work, so its stuck on the brain!

Although, I did have a festive time at guild at A Knitter's Garden last night. We even had a newbie, though as anyone who knows me well knows that I can't remember names to save my life ... but she was a nice woman who I learned lives somewhat near me. I worked on my Magic Stripes sock and we chatted and laughed... and laughed some more! I picked up this adorable pattern and some lilac yarn to make a special little lady a special Christmas gift.

After I followed Heather up to the Manch Vegas group that meets at Barnes and Noble. I've been really meaning to get up there to meet everyone for awhile now and finally did! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Gina, who already feels like a long time friend, as well as Ericka and Chris, Gaye and a few more faces who I recognized from other's blog photos, but again... that whole name thing. If people could just wear name tags for the first few times I meet them, life would be so much easier! I hear there's a trick ... something like when you're introduced to someone, repeat their name as you acknowledge them... yea, maybe I should try that... but do you think they'd run away screaming if I repeated their name 20 times? hhmm.. Anywho, everyone was GREAT and I had such a blast. I worked on the navy baby hat for Nathaniel and I got a big taste of the Manch Vegas world... the laughing and cackling, fun loving, yarn obsessed and completely uncensored dialogue - where no subject seems to be beyond bounds - and I loved it! What a fun group... great people. It was a little different being in a more public group where people are just around browsing for books and such (as opposed to knitting guild at Joanne's which is at her house/shop), but what fun! I didn't even notice any strange looks at the group of knitters either! I will surely return from time to time. I found some wonderful friends.

I forgot to take photos for the blog today, so I'm going to hijack a few from Heather's site so I can show you the gorgeous yarns I got from her last night!

First up is my Rocklobster that I'm going to use to make the Smocked Gauntlets...


Next up, the stunning Vineyard in fingering weight. Most likely a pair of socks will come out of this. The colors are even more vibrant and stunning than the picture shows!


Are you jealous? Don't be silly ... you can get your very own Sereknity yarn here!

Back to festive fall stuff... eh, that would mean back to work... even though with the unseasonably warm and beautiful day we're having, I'd much rather be outside knitting! Hopefully it'll be a nice weekend, as I'm hoping to make it to Topsfield Fair and possibly to Webs, as I received a lovely gift certificate for my birthday (just 2 more days... but, I did get to open one present early as Matt's Dad & Sue came up to visit last weekend -- I got this book and the gift certificate... an extra thank you to them!).
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