Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston Strong: An Evening of Support & Celebration

Happy hotter-than-you-know-what Friday!  I was going to post a review and giveaway, however that's going to have to wait until next week.  (Doggy parents, stay tuned... this is a great one for summer with the furbabies)  It's far too hot to sit here and type, and I'm far too tired after a very long, but amazing night at the Boston Strong: An Evening of Support and Celebration concert last night.  The show started just before 7:00 pm and went until just after 12:30 am.  I haven't had a chance to download the photos off of my camera yet, so I hope you don't mind if I share the ones from my phone.





Extreme #BostonStrong #Concert4Boston #MoreThanWords

J Geils Band...

J Geils Band #Concert4Boston #BostonStrong #love #mycity

Jason Aldean...

Jason Aldean #BostonStrong #Concert4Boston


Dropkick Murphys...

Dropkick Murphys #Concert4Boston #BostonStrong #letsgomurphys #love #mycity


Something I never thought I'd see... Dropkick Murphys with New Kids on The Block!

Where else can you see New Kids on stage with Dropkicks!? #love #mycity #Concert4Boston #BostonStrong

New Kids on The Block...


New Kids with Bell Biv Devoe...


New Kids with Boys II Men...


James Taylor & Carole King...


Jimmy Buffet...





End of the night finale with just about everyone ...

Dirty Water to close out the night #Concert4Boston #BostonStrong #lovethatdirtywater

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life's A Zoo

Time to get Wordless!  Welcome to another edition of "one of these things is not like the other."

Love this #SnowLeopard at #stonezoo #gorgeous #nofilter #bigcat #leopard

Mama #Gibbon swinging #stonezoo

Nap time #koala #stonezoo #AussieAdventure

Just hanging... #Gibbon #stonezoo

Play ball! #stonezoo #BlackBear

Rawr! #SnowLeopard #stonezoo

Rainy morning #snuggles which watching @rachaelrayshow  #dogstagram #love #adoptdontshop #coonhoundmix #rescue #instadog

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is the Weekend Really Over?

Is the weekend really over?  Sure, it was a long one, but where did it run away to so fast?  Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is: 10 Things I Did This Weekend.  Let's see...

Sleepy #koala at #stonezoo #AussieAdventure
1. Spent quality time with the man and the Lapdogs.

2. Cursed mother nature and the never ending week full of rain.

3. Took in the members only preview of Aussie Adventure at Stone Zoo... in the rain!

Heel flap time #knitting #sock #knitstagram #sockyarn #Duckies #knit #diy

4. Made a really delish, simple pork and rice dinner. I had zero desire to cook on the stove top, so it all went in to one of my Rachael Ray casseroles and that was that.... or rather, that was yum-o!
5. Knit on my Duckies.

6. Spent a very rainy Sunday watching a lot of racing... F1, Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600.

Lunch time #kong with #peanutbutter and #cookies #dogstagram
7. Took a nap (or two) during the Coca Cola 600...

8. Stuffed the dogs' kongs with peanut butter and treats. 

Our former #foster baby Rosie #dogstagram #adoptdontshop #rescue9. Caught up with some shows on the DVR.

10. Closed out the weekend with a fabulous cook out at my parents house on the Island (aka Gloucester, MA).  Delish food, great company... and I got to see our former foster baby Rosie!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Mischief: Intruder Alert

Happy Memorial Day!  We would like to take a moment and send a big thank you to all those who have served to protect our freedoms and allow us to create a little mischief today!

There was quite the ruckus going on at the Lapdog household late last week.  Anyone driving by must have thought we had an intruder with all that barking going on.  Well, we did...   

Tut spying a bunny in the yard #coonhoundmix #dogstagram #rabbit

Don't you see the intruder there in the upper left hand corner?  Tut certainly does (yes that's his big 'ole head). 

The reason all 4 dogs are #barking their heads off... One of our resident wildlife #rabbit #bunny

There he is... right there!  It's a member of the Bunny Family who took up residence in our yard a few years ago.  Apparently Tut was not very pleased with Mr. Rabbit's lawn mowing skills.  Either that, or he was blaming the unsuspecting bunny for all this rain we've been getting.  No one is happy with all the rain.  Even Zeus says enough already!

Another rainy day... #dogstagram #bigdog #love #PlanetDog #ball #labmix #instadog

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Black & White Sunday: Long Weekend

We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend... even if it is a very rainy one for most of us!




Friday, May 24, 2013

REVIEW: Crochet One-Skein Wonders

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

101 Projects from Crocheters around the World

by Judith Durant & Edie Eckman
Paperback: 288 Pages
Publisher:  Storey Publishing, LLC (April 9, 2013)

I have been a huge fan of Judith Durant's One-Skein Wonders knitting books for years, and although I do not currently crochet, I love Crochet One-Skein Wonders just as much!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; sometimes I really wish I knew how to crochet.  Sure, I can sit down with my Mom for a few hours, watch a You Tube video, or even sign up for a class at my LYS... but I've yet to do so.  I think deep down I know that I already have far too many UFO's in my house from knitting alone and learning to crochet would just add to that pile.  Eventually, I'll learn, but in the meantime, whenever I see something I want crocheted, I call Mom.  In fact, this book is going to live with her after this review.  I've thoughtfully marked a several patterns that I think she might enjoy crocheting for her daughter...

For this edition of One-Skein Wonders, Judith teamed up with best-selling crochet author Edie Eckman.  After searching the crochet community to come up with the best of the best one-skein patterns, Judith and Edie narrowed it down to 101 gorgeous projects. The contributors come from all walks of the crafty life - bloggers, yarn shop owners, published designers, Etsy shop sellers, authors, and creative industry professionals. 

Projects are organized by weight into seven categories: Thread, Lace Weight, Super-Fine Weight, Fine Weight, Lace Weight, Medium Weight and Bulky Weight.  In addition to the beautiful photographs that we're used to in the One-Skein Wonders books, you'll also find helpful stitch pattern diagrams and a glossary of techniques.  The inspiring projects cover all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include such things as hats, bags, baby items, home decor, socks, shawls, scarves and even amigurumi (Japanese-style crocheted stuffed toys).  If you crochet, there is something in here for you!  

Some of my personal favorites (the first three may be marked with post-it flags for Mom) include:
  • Lucky Dog - an irresistible stuffed pooch to call your very own (my must have!)
  • Shell Net Cowl - a sweet mobius cowl made up of crochet shells, it screams "home" to me (I grew up in the seaside town of Gloucester, MA)
  • Astra Gloves - beautiful fingerless gloves worked in a shell pattern, complete with a scalloped edge cuff
  • Eliot-the-Elephant Baby Bib - you just have to see this guy... the cutest baby bib ever!
  • Pinwheel Newsboy Cap - the cutest little cotton cap crocheted with a brim to shade baby's eyes 
If you're a happy hooker, grab yourself a copy of Crochet One-Skein Wonders today!  You won't be disappointed and in fact, will be inspired to pick up your hook and all of those special single skeins of yarn in your collection!

Disclaimer: Storey Publishing, LLC sent a complimentary copy of Crochet One-Skein Wonders to Lapdog Creations for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Helping Those Who Help Others

We've all seen the tragic devastation in Moore, Oklahoma on the news this week, and we've all watched as so many search teams do what they do best - find and rescue survivors.  I'm always intrigued by the search dogs and their handlers who jump into action with a moment's notice in situations like this.  I've been following the efforts of The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation for quite a long time now and am always amazed by these resilient dogs and their loving handlers.

Dane Yaw & Salsa
SDF deployed 10 search teams to Moore, OK.  Please click this link and take a moment to watch Dane Yaw talk about Salsa in this great interview with CNN's Erin Burnett.  Dane tells us how Salsa's search efforts work and shares a very personal story of searching for his own niece.  This interview is truly a must-watch.

When I received the following press release from The Planet Dog Foundation, I knew I had to share it with my readers!  Thank you PDF for helping those who so selflessly help others...

Portland, ME (May 22 , 2013) - The Planet Dog Foundation (PDF), Planet Dog's non-profit grant making organization, is proud to lend a paw to help the people of Moore, Oklahoma after the devastating tornado. PDF donated $1,000 to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) to help support their search dog teams that have been deployed to assist in the recovery efforts.

Salsa searching for survivors in Moore, OK
“The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) search dog teams are playing a major role in locating survivors and we are thankful we are able to donate funds to help support their lifesaving efforts,” says Kristen Smith, the Executive Director of the Planet Dog Foundation. “We couldn’t do it without the support from our customers whose purchases help raise money for PDF and enable us to provide grants to support the amazing ways service dogs are helping people in need,” adds Smith.

In 2012, PDF awarded a $10,000 grant to SDF to sponsor a new search dog team that is currently in training and based in Albany, New York. “The search dog team we fund will not be deployed to Oklahoma so we decided to award SDF an emergency grant to support the search dog teams that are assisting the recovery efforts,” says Smith.
The Planet Dog Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Planet Dog, the globally recognized designer and developer of innovative, high-quality and award-winning dog products that enhance the lifestyle people share with their canine companions. Planet Dog is proud to donate 2% of all purchases of Planet Dog products to PDF to provide cash and in-kind product donations to exemplary canine service programs nationwide.

PDF recently announced over $71,000 in new grants to 16 canine service organizations across the country including other search and rescue organizations. To learn more about PDF and all of the programs the non-profit supports, visit

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Go Racing!

Time to get wordless again...  Racing season is in full swing, which means the Lapdogs are giving their humans some dirty looks (see last photo)! 


Managed to #knit one whole round at the #racetrack today... #IKnitSoIDontKillPeople #MustKnitMore


Got tire? #racecar #8 #uslegends #legends #aero #inex


He's so fast, he's like ghost rider! Talk about an odd photo capture... #uslegends #8 #racetrack #NHMS
funky "ghost rider" photo I managed to capture

My kids! #love #dogstagram #adoptdontshop #rescue #mutt #dogs

Monday, May 20, 2013




Ever get sick of the big budget, same story written in yet another light, commercial films out there?  Do you enjoy finding a hidden gem? Let me introduce you to IndieFlix.
For far too long, filmmakers have been forced to either sell out or starve. Thousands of brilliant, creative minds submit their works to festivals, hoping to find meaningful distribution yet fewer than 1% actually do. We’re here to level the playing field. Founded by filmmakers, IndieFlix is part champion, part curator; our mission is to democratize distribution and provide significant revenue for filmmakers.
IndieFlix is a community of independent filmmakers and fans. Through its membership-based streaming service, IndieFlix helps filmmakers translate artistic vision into commercial success, and gives film lovers access to high quality independent films not otherwise available. IndieFlix’s mission is to champion filmmakers, rethink traditional approaches to distribution, and celebrate the artistry and impact of independent film.

IndieFlix is a subscription based online service, with apps on both Roku and xBox already.  I'm sure you're asking, "What makes it different than other subscription services?" - right?  That's easy; IndieFlix enables viewers to watch thousands of independently made films!  You can search in several categories to find something that interests you - genre, length, most-viewed, film festival, country or even mood. 


Perhaps you may take interest in Finding Kind, an amazing documentary about a campaign to end girl bullying?
In February 2009, two young women, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson joined forces having both been affected by female bullying throughout their youth and decided to create change by giving females a platform to speak out about this universal experience. What began as an idea for a documentary about girl-against-girl bullying, ultimately became Kind Campaign, an internationally recognized movement, documentary, and school assembly program based on the powerful belief in KINDness that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.” 
In this endearing documentary, a pair of best friends (who happen to be queen-bee pretty girls, but no matter) travel the country speaking with middle and high school girls about their pain and the pain they’ve caused others. It’s a sweet, earnest addition to the current anti-bullying movement. A few confessional scenes—little girls in braces pouring their broken hearts into the camera—will stick with you. LINDY WEST (the Stranger)
Finding Kind is premiering May 10 - 24 on, xBox and Roku at a cost of $6.99 -- but it is free with an IndieFlix subscription!  This is the first time ever audiences have been able to view this documentary outside of a screening.

Besides being able to find and view hundreds of independent films like Finding Kind, IndieFlix also shows it's uniqueness through a royalty payment system called RPM Royalty Pool Minutes, which was designed to share the money made through subscriptions with the filmmakers themselves.  Basically, every minute you watch helps fund more independent films.  With friends involved in screen writing and film making, I think this is a great concept! 

I am looking forward to checking out several films from the comfort of my own couch, along with my freshly popped popcorn, unsticky floor and a Lapdog or two by my side!

GIVEAWAY! How would you like to try IndieFlix for yourself, completely free for 2 months?  The generous folks have given me not one, not two, but ten (10) 2-month subscriptions to give away to my readers! To enter:

~ Follow Lapdog Creations publicly (see "Followers" on the side bar)
~ Leave a comment below telling us why you would like to try IndieFlix free for 2- months

To be eligible to win, you must complete both steps above. Please be sure your entry includes a way to contact you (i.e. link to your blog or include your email address).
Winners will be selected by random number generator. Deadline for entries is Friday, May 24th at 11:59pm EST (midnight)

Disclosure: IndieFlix gave me a 3-month subscription, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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