Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Spooky Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! We have been without power since Saturday evening. I'm hoping for some treats today and less tricks....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  It's time for a little Fill-Ins...

1. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

2. We got snow.

3. And since we got snow, we also lost power last night... ugh.

4. Wine or spirits?

5. Where did October fly away to so soon.

6. Beef stew is one of my favorite meals when it's cold out.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a relaxing night at home, tomorrow my plans include cooking something to bring to the NELCAR banquet on Sunday and Sunday, I want to enjoy the day catching up with everyone at the NELCAR banquet.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Squeaky Hockey Puck?

Happy Thors-day everyone... the best news is that means it's almost Friday!

Lola and Tut are excited for the weekend...
Lola_73011 Tut_73011

Zeus is wondering when we're getting another houseguest...

Zeus_Bentley_72711c Zeus_SookieRosie_62511i

Sophie wants to know where she can get a squeaky hockey puck, since baseball is so boring...

Sophie_73011 Sophie_73011c

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Boy Turns 8

The one who thinks he's still the baby of the house is 8 years old today...

Happy Birthday Teutul!

My "little boy" sure has grown up...

Tut_6311c Tut_12711

Teutul being King Tut....

Tut_61311 Tut_53011b

Hanging with his siblings...

4dogs_11411 TutZeus_41011e

Showing the love for his sisters...

TutSophie_1911 TutLola_6311

Trying to be Being a good foster brother...

Tut_Rosie_62611d Tut_RosieSookie_62511b

TutBentley_8811c LolaTutSkipper_91811b

Just chillin'...

Tut_11811 Tut_Legends_41011b

Being a goofball...

Tut_3711 Tut_bunny_411f

It's hard to believe he's 8 already!  This little puppy...

Teutul Teutul_babyFootball

is now this perpetual puppy...

Tut_041011 Tut_HHBone_41711


We're thinking of Tut's brother Tango and his family today as well.  Tango crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a year ago this past July.  We'll be lighting a candle in Tango's honor and hoping he is happily romping with friends and munching some doggy cake today!

Tango_71710 Tango

Monday, October 24, 2011

REVIEW: My Grandmother's Knitting

My Grandmother's Knitting
Family Stories and Inspired Knits From Top Designers
by Larissa Brown
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book (September 1, 2011)


While knitting is no longer seen as a craft for grannies, we can't deny the tradition and history of their stitches.  The fact is that many of today's hippest knitters found their passion for knitting after being taught by a grandmother or another revered family member.  My Grandmother's Knitting: Family Stories and Inspired Knits From Top Designers celebrates the link between generations and how our families help to shape the crafters we become. 

In My Grandmother's Knitting, author Larissa Brown brings together 26 influential knitters to talk about the people (and places) who influenced them most during their childhood.  They share stories of grandmothers, great-aunts, mothers, fathers and childhood homes before giving us 22 patterns inspired by these special memories.  Among the contributors are Wendy Bernard, Cookie A, Jared Flood, Ysolda Teague, Meg Swansen and Ravelry founder, Jessica Marshall Forbes. 

The patterns range from vintage inspired to modern and classy. Projects include an elegant cape, cozy house slippers, antique-like dishcloths, warm cowls, sweet fingerless mitts, a traditional Norwegian pullover, beautiful socks and more.  I've already flagged several of the patterns with post-its.

Pick up a copy of My Grandmother's Knitting for yourself and grab an extra for that family member or friend who helped hone your stitching skills.  The patterns are fabulous, the photography is beautiful, but most of all the, stories are delightfully heartwarming.  Handwrite your own memories inside the front cover when you gift a copy to the person who taught you to knit - or perhaps to someone you are teaching - and keep the inspiration going...

About the Author: Larissa Brown began knitting when she was five years old, hanging out on her grandmother Olive's couch in New Jersey.  Today, Larissa lives in Portland, Oregon where she spends her time designing knitting patterns and dying yarn with Pico Accuardi Dyeworks.  In 2008 she co-authored the book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together with her husband, Martin John Brown.  Her hand-knit designs have appeared in Knit.1 magazine, Knitty and on her blog, Stitch Marker.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get Your Lapdog Goodies

Thermos Can Cooler
Nook SleeveI've just updated the Lapdog Creations Cafe Press storefront with several new items, including new t-shirts (including toddler and children's), baby items, PJ's, Kindle & Nook sleeves, 2012 calendar, various size bags, Thermos items, water bottles and more!  Check it out!

REVIEW: Knitted Dinosaurs

Knitted Dinosaurs: 15 Prehistoric Pals to Knit from Scratch by Tina Barrett
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book (October 1, 2011)


Are you ready to add some fun - and maybe a few roars - to your knitting?  Grab a copy of Knitted Dinosaurs and get ready to create your own herd of super fun, colorful critters!

As soon as you start flipping through Knitted Dinosaurs, You'll be itching to cast on prehistoric pals for all the kids - young and old - on your holiday gift list.  The pattern details make for creatures that are both endearing and true to what scientists believe they looked like when they roamed the earth... although the colors may be more from this world than that one.  I personally can't wait to make my own pretty little Pterodactyl using the magenta, mauve and silver grey yarn colors suggested.

Knitted Dinosaurs is a great book for both experienced and new knitters alike.  A basic techniques section is included to help newbies along and seasoned vets will enjoy the mega fun knitting.  Best of all, each creature can be knitted up quickly with just one or just skeins of yarn -- making them great for gifts!

About the Author: Tina Barrett is a UK-based knitwear designer.  She designs regularly for magazines such as Knit Today, Let's Knit! and Knitting.  She is also the author of the books Knits for Dogs & Cats, Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers and Natural Crochet for Babies & Toddlers. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Foster Dog Skip

Actually, his name is Skipper... but I can't help but think of the movie My Dog Skip! 

Skipper_91811 Skipper_91811g

Skipper, a lab/pointer mix, was only around 10 weeks old when all of his liter mates got adopted and he was left looking for a place to crash.  Look at that face... and those beautiful two different colored eyes... and the "drunken sailor" look.  I couldn't resist!


We knew little Skip wouldn't be with us long, but we had no idea it would turn out to be less than 24 hours!  The transport arrived on a Saturday morning while we were in Maine for a race, so the rescue found another family who was willing to pick him up for us.  We met them on our way home from the track and it was clear they fell head over heels and were well on their way to thinking about adding a second pup to their home (probably a good thing... I quickly fell for the little tyke myself).  

Skipper_91711c Skipper_91811c

I wasn't at all surprised when they got home, felt they just couldn't live without Skip and filled out the adoption application!  Assuming they would be approved (of course they were!), they asked if I minded keeping Skip a few days.  Mind babysitting a tiny little bundle of puppy breath joy a few days longer?  Of course not... but they ended up getting things in order right away and Skipper went to his forever home early Sunday evening.  But not before he had lots of play time with the Lapdogs and a little bit of an adventure day out with us.

Skipper playing with Lola & Tut...

LolaTutSkipper_91811 LolaTutSkipper_91811b

The little guy was infatuated with Sophie...

SophieSkipper_91811 SophieSkipper_91811e

He thought his big foster sister rocked!

Matt_Skipper_Sophie_91811b Matt_Skipper_Sophie_91811d

Skip thought Zeus was one cool dude...

Nic_Skipper_Zeus_91811b ZeusTutSkipper_91811


Cuteness Overload... Is there anything cuter this time of year than a tiny white puppy in a pumpkin patch? 

Skipper_Pumpkins_91811b Skipper_Pumpkins_91811f

Skipper_Pumpkins_91811c Skipper_Pumpkins_91811g

Even more cuteness overload...
Nic_Skipper_91811d Matt_Skipper_91811d

Nic_Skipper_91811c LolaSkipper_91811

It was a pleasure to be a tiny part of little Skipper's life and we're so happy he found such a wonderful forever home!  His Mom has been keeping in touch with text updates and photos, which is wonderful.  Nothing makes my day quite like opening a text or email, hearing how one of our fosters is doing and seeing photos of them growing and enjoying life.  It makes the bittersweetness so worth it...   

Nic_Skipper_91811e Skipper_91811f
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