Friday, June 29, 2012

REVIEW & COUPON: Dog Park Umbrella

Dog Park Umbrella

Where to Find: The San Francisco Umbrella Company

umbrella Umbrella_Lola_62612

It's raining cats and dogs outside and you have to head out, perhaps to walk the dog or get the mail.  You certainly don't want to get your hair wet, and want to look cute and stylish while you slosh your way through the rain.  What should you be carrying on a day like this?  One of the adorable umbrellas from the Dog Park Umbrella spring/summer collection by The San Francisco Umbrella Company, of course! 

"Founded in the Spring of 2011 to manufacture and distribute fine European quality umbrellas, The San Francisco Umbrella Company is committed to making beautiful, stylish, functional, and durable umbrellas."
umbrella2The Dog Park Umbrella line features 11 different dog breeds: Boxer, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Pug, Schnauzer, West Highland Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier.  Choose your breed and identify yourself and your furbaby on a rainy day!  If your breed is not yet represented, be patient... The San Francisco Umbrella Company has plans to release many more dog breeds, as well as other animal themes over the next 2 years. 

We got to choose which breed we wanted for review and picked the Labrador Retriever.  Featuring a fetching silver matter canopy with a timeless black silhouette of a bowing lab, how could I resist?  It totally reminds me of both Zeus and Lola!

Umbrella_Lola_62612dThe canopy of Dog Park Umbrellas is 48" wide, providing exceptional coverage from the rain. The walking stick style umbrella features 100% 190-thread pongee, which is the finest polyester material available, with both Teflon and UV coating. A wide gauge shaft provides extra durability and it's black coating prevents rust. The handle is rubberized for a comfortable grip and the automatic open mechanism features a heavy duty spring. 

Check out the Dog Park Umbrella collection for yourself or the dog lover on your gift list this year.  The umbrellas retail for $39.95, however the good folks at The San Francisco Umbrella Company have allowed me to give you a special coupon code!  Order from their website and enter coupon code LAPDOG25 for 25% off your entire order (before shipping and tax where applicable)!  But hurry... this offer is only valid until July 13, 2012!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Belle of the Ball

She came up to us as Babs on a beautiful Spring morning in May, and off to the races she went... literally!  You see, we had a race at NHMS that afternoon, so after a few hours happily romping with the Lapdogs, off she went to the track with us.  We were told she was a little shy, but never saw it!  In fact, she was an instant hit at the track and had her very own receiving line of new friends and fans in our pit all day long. 

 Belle_51912c Belle_52412b

Belle_52612b Belle_52612c

A few of her new fans had toyed with the idea of adopting her, but in the end it was a fellow Legends racer Pete and his wife Wanda who became the lucky new parents!  By the end of her first day in NH, Babs had found her forever home (complete with two kitty siblings the same age as her, a much older doggy brother and lots of horses) and became our quickest foster ever.  While all the paperwork went thru and her new parents prepared for her arrival, we had the pleasure of having Belle crash at our house for a full week!  Babs became Belle, and sure did steal a lot of hearts!  Here she is lounging in our pit at NHMS that first day and wishing foster Daddy good luck...

Babs_pit_51912c Babs_pit_51912e

Babs_pit_51912m NicMattBabs_51912

As you can see, I've finally downloaded all of the photos from Belle's fun week here with us - so please bear with the picture heavy post.  She is an absolute love and totally a mini-Lola.  With a personality made of gold, she is an instant star wherever she goes, making friends with everyone she meets.   And yes... she's one of those that if we didn't already have a full house, she would have made her home right here.  Don't they make a great 5-pack?


All of the Lapdogs adored their little foster sister.  Even Tut, who always makes sure he lets the fosters know he is still the baby of this house, absolutely adored his mini-Lola.  They were two peas in a pod...

BelleTut_52312 BelleTut_52212d

BelleTut_52012 BelleTut_52512

When they weren't busy plucking out basil and bean sprouts from my container garden romping on the deck, Lola thought Belle was the perfect nap partner...

BelleLola_52512 BelleTutLola_52312

Many of the fosters who have come through our house have been smitten with Zeus, even when he tries his best to ignore them.  We always assume it's because he's large and moves slow.  Sure, he'll eventually play with them a little bit, but usually only when no one else is around.  Enter Belle... I think Zeus was just as smitten with her as she was with him!  Perhaps it was because of her mini-Lolaness, I'm not sure, but not only did he openly play with her, he let her stomp on his face and crawl all over him...

BelleZeus_52012 BelleZeusTut_52312

BelleZeus_52612 BelleZeus_52412b 

Sophie thought Belle was a cool little sister as well and taught her all about the wonderful morning sun spots...

BelleSophie_52112b Belle_52112c

Miss Belle has become quite the little race dog!  In fact, she's the Belle of NELCAR as far as we're all concerned.  She loves getting her belly rubs and scratchies, then enjoys being lazy sleeping in her race hauler.  The loud noises of drills, generators and race engines don't even faze her!  She can fall asleep just about anywhere...  

Belle_52012c Belle_52312

We do miss having the lovebug here with us (we both really miss her snuggles), but are so happy we get to see her at the track nearly every weekend!  While it's wonderful when someone we know adopts one of our foster babies, it's even better when they are part of our race family and we get to see them all summer long!  Belle has already grown quite a bit from when these photos were taken (which you may have noticed in this update)! 

MattBelle_52012 NicBelle_52012

NicBelle_52612b Matt_BelleLolaTut_52012

Belle assisted the Lapdogs with a couple of reviews while she was with us (Cookie Crunchies and Smooches), and happily enjoyed several afternoons on the back deck.  Here she is during some more play time...

BelleZeusTut_52012b BelleZeus_52112

NicBelleZeusLolaTut_52012 Belle_52312b

Whew, that sure was a lot of photos from just a week (yes, I do have more)!  You'll be seeing Belle in future foster updates, I'm sure!  It's a good thing I finally got her post up, since it looks like this guy will be crashing at our house next...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Couple Dogs, A Storm & Fries...

Time to get Wordless again... a week in review!  (Speaking of reviews, the last shot is a preview of an upcoming book review... I'll be part of the publisher's blog tour!)









Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feel Like A Kid?

Happy last Tuesday of June!  Did you know that today is National Chocolate Pudding Day?  Neither did I, and I don't think we have any pudding in the house.  Do you?  Are you celebrating?  If so, just make sure you don't share any with the pooches!  Instead, check out our review of Cesar Cookie Crunchies and enter to win a bag!  The Lapdogs are sure they'll enjoy both flavors.

National Chocolate Pudding Day seems fitting for today's Ten on Tuesday topic:
10 Ways to Feel Like A Kid Again!
1. Play with the sprinkler/hose on a hot day.  I did this with the dogs just the other day.

2. Eat freeze pops.  I just got some in semi-grown up flavors, A&W Root Beer and Half & Half.

3. Blow your straw wrapper at someone across the table.  Matt & I may be guilty of doing this to each other... often. 

4. Eat ice cream... and pile on every. single. topping. at the make-your-own-sundae bar! 

5. Catch fireflies in a jar.  We had so many in our front yard the past couple of nights, they were lighting up entire bushes!


6. Play in the snow. Of course, we have a few months to wait to do this again!

7. Enjoy a nice PB&J sandwich or Chef Boyardee.  Kid friendly foods really hit the perfect spot every now and then.

8. Go to the zoo and talk to the animals.  You never know when they might talk back!  I turn into an instant kid when I get there.

9. Pick up a book/magazine/movie just because of the picture on the cover.

10. Laugh... until your belly hurts!

Monday, June 25, 2012

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Cesar Cookie Crunchies

Cesar Cookie Crunchies

Where to Find:

CesarCookies_612 CesarCookies_Lola_612cropped

Cesar Canine Cuisine recently launched a new line of dog treats called Cesar Cookie Crunchies.  To celebrate, the good folks at Cesar sent us a big box of samples to review and share!  The Lapdogs were so excited - and apparently the box from Cesar's smelled so good - they were drooling as soon as the nice Fed Ex man dropped the box on our doorstep!

"Dogs give us unconditional love each and every day.  It's only fair that we show just as much love in return!  Is it a long walk in the park, or a 4-minute tummy-rubbing marathon after work?  Maybe you show your dog love with a new squeaky toy or hours of throwing their favorite Frisbee in the backyard.  However you show your love, Cesar Canine Cuisine strongly believes in the shared relationship and joy between owners and their pups."


Cookie Crunchies are currently available in two flavors; Filet Mignon and Rotisserie Chicken.  The Lapdogs were eager to taste test both flavors and did not seem to have a preference, as they gobbled up both equally as fast!  Each delightful bite-sized baked treat is a mere 10 calories, making them a great training aid or everyday reward. The adorable petite cookies come in heart, paw print and dog bone shapes that are sure to put a smile on your face.  The Lapdogs certainly didn't care what shape they chomped up, nor that the adorable Cookie Crunchies were designed for little dogs! 

CesarReview_Belle_612b CesarReview_Belle_612c

(Former foster) Belle got to sample Cookie Crunchies while she was crashing at our house and, yes, she liked them... a lot!  Belle sniffed out her very own bag of the Rotisserie Chicken flavor, which she took along to her forever home!  She thinks Cookie Crunchies are the perfect traveling snack, especially on race weekends!

While Cookie Crunchies are not wheat or corn free, they are a nice basic treat for our dogs.  If your dogs don't have special dietary needs, pick up a bag to try today!

CesarCookies_Tut_612_croppedGIVEAWAY! The good folks at Cesar have sent us extra bags of Cookie Crunchies to share with our friends and fosters.  We also want to share with you, our readers!  We have a bag - of your flavor choice, Filet Mignon or Rotisserie Chicken - to give to one lucky reader.... but, if this post receives more than 25 comments, we will give away a bag to two lucky readers! 

To enter:

1) Follow Lapdog Creations publicly (see "Followers" on the right hand side bar).
2) Leave a comment here telling us how you show your pooch some love!

You must complete both steps 1 & 2 and be a US resident to win.
You can get extra entries by sending your friends here to enter (be sure to have them mention your name).... blog, Tweet, Facebook and text away!
Winner will be selected by random number generator.
Deadline for entries is Monday, July 2nd at midnight.  Good Luck!
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