Friday, July 31, 2009

End of the Week... End of July

Yippee... its Friday!!!! Although I had a short work week, its still great to be at the end of it!

I took Monday & Tuesday off and went to the Red Sox vs Oakland game on Monday night. We were on top of the Green Monster (I now want to watch games only from up there!), Beckett was pitching, we did not get rained on and the Sox won... all was good!

Here's Josh Beckett warming up... and the cast from Jersey Boys singing the National Anthem...

Beckett_warmup_72709e JerseyBoys_NatlAnthem_72709

A few shots from atop the Green Monster...

RedSox_72709h RedSox_72709g

Fenway_72709 Fenway_72709b

MattNic_RedSox_72709 MattNic_RedSox_72709d

Sunset behind Fenway...


During my 4 day weekend, I finished off another Cross Stitch scarf. I love this stitch... it makes for a pretty scarf (great gifts!) so I seem to always have one on the needles as my no-brainer knitting that I can pick up here or there. Lola thought about modeling it, but it was much too hot this week for wool...

CrossStitchScarf_709 CrossStitchScarf_709_Lola

Yarn is Seacoast Handpainted Llama & Wool in the Colorado colorway. I had cast this on sometime back in January and it sat in the living room where I can easily pick it up and knit a couple rows here and there. The scarf is a little on the short side, given that the hank of yarn was only 132 yars. You can click for a closer look here. This one will most likely become a Christmas gift, although I have absolutely no idea who for yet... I haven't decided who's colors these are. Do you know?

Matt got another win last Sunday... way to go honey!

BoxStockHeavy_72609c Matt_win_72609d

We now have two Sundays in a row off from racing. I wish that meant we had two free weekends in a row, however it seems that nearly every weekend in August is either mostly or overly full at this point. Can you believe its August already? On that note, I'll leave you with some Fill-Ins for today...

1. It's time for July to end and the mad-dash holiday knitting to begin (what happened to all those things I had planned to knit over the summer??).

2. Inside with a/c; it's not a bad place for being this week .

3. I must be getting old... I caught myself uttering those crazy words "back in the day!"

4. Foot massages, hugs, lobster, good wine, chocolate, dogs, knitting is are the best things I have ever known.

5. My house is simply full of dog hair, dog beds, dog toys, dog drool.... if you don't like dogs, you probably shouldn't visit.

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was at the Joel McHale show a couple weeks ago.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing, tomorrow my plans include going to friends' wedding and Sunday, I want to see no rain... we're supposed to go on a whale watch!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Doggies

Happy Doggy Day! Although I've had a short work week after my 4-day weekend, it still feels good to know its almost Friday!

If you haven't already, be sure to hop wag on over and check out Dogs 'n More, Chan & Sue's new adventure. The blog is interactive, informative and just plain fun!

The dogs and I had a very lazy day at home on Tuesday. It was so hot and humid that even when we tried to go out and play on the porch, no one could stand it for more than a few minutes. I had all I could do to photograph a recent FO and the Friends of Emma donation hats (more about both tomorrow) before retreating inside. So, although I don't have summery-playtime photos from Tuesday, I do have some from a couple weeks ago to share...

The gang's all here... {click the links for more pics}


Sophie looking for critters...

Sophie_7509 Sophie_7509c

Zeus enjoying the fresh air...

Zeus_7509c Zeus_7509d

Lola hanging out with her siblings...

LolaSophie_7509 LolaTut_7509b

and watching her Daddy mow the yard...


Teutul doing his handsome-boy poses...

Tut_7509b Tut_7509

and his "its hot" poses (you may remember the hot spot on his butt and can see that it is growing back in quite nicely)...

Tut_7509d Tut_7509c

ZeusTut_7509 ZeusTutLola_7509

Zeus wishes you all a woofy good day!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its For The Birds!

Happy Wordless Wednesday...

We have a few bird feeders in the front yard to entertain Zeus for the wildlife to enjoy... and this is my most favorite. I found it at a little shop in Rockport, MA about four years ago and had to have it...


Friday, July 24, 2009

4-Legged Security Alarm

TGIF!!! It may've be raining cats & dogs and only 60 degrees this morning, but at least its Friday!

Security Alarm Sophie has been doing a stellar job in alerting the entire neighborhood us to critters in the yard. Here she is perched in her favorite spot... an old wooden storage box (I still adore that pic) that we've set in front of the livingroom window. Its certainly not pretty decor, but it prevents another destroyed couch serves this purpose...


Last week she spotted Mr. Squirrel under the bird feeders...

Squirrel_709 Squirrel_709b

"Got an itch, scratch it..."


Another day, it was Chucky...

Chucky_709b Chucky_709d

"Please stop barking at me, I know you're inside and can't get me..."


Sophie plans to sit in front of the window be on alert this weekend. Last night she spotted a new cat (at least new to our yard), but I think she's secretly holding out for the fox to make another apperance. Enjoy you're weekend... I'll leave you with some Fill-Ins...

1. Today is not the end of the world.
2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I am just glad that its Friday and hope for no rain on Sunday & Monday.
3. My morning iced coffee tastes so good!
4. Sometimes, putting others first is the right thing to do.
5. Watching the wildlife happily frolic in your own back yard is breathtaking, really.
6. Well, maybe there is hope that we'll see some summer before fall comes.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends at the arena football game, tomorrow my plans include absolutely nothing... its finally a "whatever we decide to do" day and Sunday, I want to be rain free!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doggone Thursday

Happy Doggy Day, or little Friday as Chan likes to call it! Its her last post over at Dogs on Thursday, so be sure to hop on over and read about a cool contest Namaste is having in their Ravelry group. Speaking of Namaste, stay tuned for a review of their new Hermosa and Mini Clutch bags, as well as XL Oh Snaps!

If you only stop by on Thursdays, hop back to this post and check out Sophie modeling my latest finished object!

Here in Lapdog country, the kids are once again in search of their sunshine and wondering just what happened to summer. We haven't done much this week (except Sophie's fabulous bucket hat modeling shoot), but no worries... I have 101 an abundance of pictures to share from the past month or so!

Although Matt hasn't done up his go-kart's new body yet (ah-hum), as a Valentine's gift this year I had surprised him by having someone design his number ala Boston Bruins (he actually started to do it on his own, then lost the files when our old computer crashed). Well, last month I went a step further and had a few items printed with the number on them for an anniversary present. One of the items was an XL dog shirt (which he has informed me is not allowed to be worn at the race track by our dogs... pptth!). Yes, I said XL... and look who it fitst (click links for more pics, there's lots of extras this week)...

Sophie_9_6909 Sophie_9_6909b

Please don't tell the Princess that she's an XL. It kind of fits Tut too, but not very well (its the same size as this one).

Here's my handsome Zeus checking out his namesake toy (ever since he was a puppy, Zeus the Moose has stuck) and giving a close-up nod to all of his fans (that means you Chan)...



Lola practicing her "lay down, relax, repeat" skills...

Lola_53009 Lola_6909

Tut and Lola hanging out... "mom, she's sitting on me!"

LolaTut_53009 TutLola_52809

Tut hanging out with his other siblings...

TutSophie_53009 ZeusTut_53009

The boys hope you have a lovely Thursday and that the sun is shining wherever you are...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little of this, A little of that...

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Today's post is a little of this, a little of that... recap/catch-up of recent events.

On July 11th, we headed to the beach with some friends to see Joel McHale (click links for more pics). We sat right down front and center and had a blast... he's funny! I got a short video too, but since I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, I don't want to post it yet...

JoelMcHale_71109 JoelMcHale_71109b

JoelMcHale_71109g JoelMcHale_71109e

Last week it was off to the Boston waterfront for Shinedown, who, of course, rocked! Not so much with the front and center this time, but Brent came out into the audience and was right in front of us for a little bit (sorry for the poor quality cell phone pics)

Shinedown_71409_Brent2 Shinedown_71409b

Saturday we got to dine with little Emma (and her Mom & Dad too) at the 99. I think the face in the 2nd photo clearly says "where's my steak??"

Emma_71809_laugh Emma_71809d

Sunday Matt got his
4th win in a row! Congrats honey...

Matt_71909_Win5 BoxStockHeavy_71909

Remember I mentioned a little Joel video clip (to come later)? I tried the video feature on my camera out at the track on Sunday (I always forget its there)... let's see if this works for everyone to see. This was the second practice of the day (next time I promise to get a non-fence video)...

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