Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Smoke4 and a Yarn Score!

Smoke4 is now in his new home and seems to be enjoying it quite nicely. He spent most of last night zipping around and following anything that came near the tank (fingers, dog noses, the fan...).

Isn't he pretty? Wanna see something else pretty? My SCORE of a stash of
Patons Grace (100% Mercerized Cotton) ... normally $4.00 a skein, I found some beautiful colors on clearance at Michael's for ~ get this ~ $1 a skein! I bought all they had of lilac and ruby (I think it was 8 skeins of one, 7 of the other) in hopes of finding a couple of cute little tank or tee patterns. If anyone out there happens to have something in mind, please do share (unfortunately all the Patons patterns for Grace are stinking crocheted tops, not kint). I also bought a couple skeins of marine, terracotta, natural and appricot for some baby hats or bibs.

While poking around, I happened upon a cute "hats and more" book and got some Moda Spellbound to do this Triangle Scarf. It'll be my first attempt at a bit of a lace pattern.

Well folks, that's all for now... still waiting on the official word that surgery is schedule for Tuesday (as of yesterday the surgeon still had not confirmed with our vet ... I guess he doesn't know the planner personality that I am and that the "don't worry, we're sure he's all set" doesn't quite cut it in my book!) and preparing for lots of knitting time next week! STAY COOL today... our temps are to reach over 100... did I mention how much I love FALL??!!


Gigi said...

I'm jealous! I just finished a crocheted bag with that exact yarn and LOVED working with it. Although as you know I crochet not knit, I'll keep my eyes open for a pattern in my travels!

BTW the fish is quite an eye catcher too. A fish like that I could definately enjoy (if I could get my cats to leave it alone).

Gina House said...

Wow! That spellbound yarn looks cool...can't wait to see your finished project! Great colors of cotton, too!

Lapdog Creations said...

Hey Gigi - thanks for the comment and for keeping your eyes open! :) Are you part of the Manch Vegas group at B&N? I gotta go check out your blog now..

Gigi said...

As a matter of fact I am, although I don't use my REAL name online. :-D

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