Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some weirdo TAGGED me!

HA HA, just kidding Gina ... but she did tag me with this little game of posting 5 weird things about yourself... so here it goes....

1. I have 3 children ... they just so happen to be the 4-legged kind ... dogs. They are very, very, very spoiled children.

2. I talk to my dogs like anyone else would talk to their kids or friends (and yes, they actually do understand and sometimes answer back in their own weird ways!).

3. I also talk to myself... sometimes I just like the answers better than what I get from other people... 'nuff said

4. I have a lovely master bedroom that is currently a massive storage room as we have yet to "move in" to it after almost 6 years in the house ... needless to say its a must do for 2007 as I really need to get the spare room turned in to a computer room/office/yarn room!

5. I have an amazing memory that seems to cause many arguments with the "I told you this" vs. "You never told me that" or "You said this" vs "No I didn't..." Trust me, if you said it or told me, I'll remember and if I don't remember or know, you clearly never said it or told me. :-)

And now its my turn to tag 5 people, although I think some of them may have already been tagged (sorry guys... we all seem to know the same bloggers, lol!)... Heather, Lora, Lis and I'm even going to go out on a limb and try Vickie and Stephanie.... tag, you guys are "it"... share with us your 5 weird things!


Gina House said...

Ha ha....yes, I do agree that I'm a weirdo! I wish I had your memory....sometimes I'm able to remember something exactly (like arguments with the hubby) but other times....like remembering words of actual knitting and everyday life...whoosh...gone! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

Anonymous said...

hey hey! no fair double-tagging! sheesh! I'll get mine up tomorrow, once I figure out what is actually weird, and not just pathetic. lol

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