Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dogster Thursday

Why yes, our Mommy is on vacation but thru the magic ease of changing a date on a posting, we still get to participate in Dogs on Thursday!

Mom signed us up for our very own Dogster pages this week and wants to invite everyone else to come join in the fun! Sign up and then invite us to be one of your pup pals!

We are enjoying our little vacation as well... and Mom will resume her regular blogging shortly! Hopefully the Patriots win tomorrow night!!!!!!! GO PATS!


Joan said...

LOL. I took a double take and clicked on my computer calendar!
Hope you are seriously enjoying your vacay! ;-}

Paula said...

Oh have a great vacation!
Thank you so much for finding all those great links for the DOT and I wil get the rest up before next DOT.
Your puppy Dogsters are so cute!
Elise wants a dogster too but I told her I barely can keep up with the blogs I have. Then she gave m ethe sad eyes and I told her I would look into getting her a dogster page over the weekend.
Then she was so happy she went and slobbered on the cat. (Who is still mad he doesn't have his own catster page!)

Tina in Wonderland said...

Hope y'all had a great little vacation!

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