Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wonderful news for Vick's dogs!

A little smile for today... I just saw this headline: Most of Vick's dogs will go to families and a sanctuary (click for full story)

Story Highlights
  • Only one of the 49 dogs seized will be euthanized
  • That dog had a habit of biting people, the court document states
  • Vick pleaded guilty to federal charges related to dog fighting, in August
  • Vick will be arraigned on state charges on October 3 in a Virginia court


I am so happy to hear that all but just one of the dogs seized is going to be able to live out their lives and learn how to love and be loved. There couldn't have been any better justice for these dogs - wonderful! Now... on to the trial of the year!



SissySees said...

I am just sorry that one will have a shortened life, but it is a far better outcome than I'd hoped!

I'll be posting your contest on my blog later. Great cause!

Melissa said...

That's a funny cartoon. I made Nico cover her ears through that whole thing.

Reader Of The Pack said...

It was a far better outcome than I expected as well. Hooray! Such good news!

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