Thursday, August 27, 2009

REVIEW: Planet Dog Holiday Items

Planet Dog: Holiday Items
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Attention early holiday shoppers... it is time to get your tail wagging! Planet Dog offers socially responsible products for shoppers looking for meaningful gifts this holiday season, including durable Orbee-Tuff toys and soft, squeaky toys for dogs of all sizes, as well as a new line of organic t-shirts for dog lovers. Every item in the holiday collection is a gift that gives back and features an attached gift tag proclaiming the recipient a Lucky Dog for receiving a product that supports service dogs programs and people in need.


The Orbee-Tuff Snowball is a 2 ½” winter-white ball that won’t melt in Fido's mouth like your typical snowball! It rates 5 out of 5 chompers on Planet Dog's Chew-O-Meter scale and 8 paws up by our guest testers, Gretchen and Sissy.

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As soon as the girls' Mom unpacked the Snowball, Gretchen snatched it up, tags and all, and sprinted onto the bed to love it all by herself. Sissy later found it unattended and promptly took it outside for some play time. Chan thinks that the funky, dimpled ball shape aided in allowing the Snowball to be a toy that little Gretchen could really fit into her mouth and tote around - she loves it.

Sophie_Gingie_709c Tut_Gingie_709_blurry

My own pack tested out The Gingerbread Buddy, a soft and sweet guy with a jolly ‘ol squeak. Standing at 10” tall, this toy is just right for medium to large dogs who love to have a buddy around at all times. Gingie, as we've nicknamed him in our house, is made of super-soft fleece with a double-bellow squeaker for a cozy snuggle under the tree or a very satisfying, squeaky chew.

Sophie_Gingie_709d Sophie_Gingie_709

If you can't tell by the pictures, Sophie truly has a new best friend in Gingie! The toy has been in our house for a few weeks now and she still regularly reaches for Gingie and totes her all around the house. So far the squeaker is holding up too - which is a rare instance in our house!


In addition to the wonderful toys for your pooch, Planet Dog offers some great gifts for “green dog lovers," including a new line of eco-friendly T-shirts. Each is printed in the U.S.A. with earth-safe, phthalate-free inks after being made in India in a factory that operates with partial wind and solar power. The 100% certified organic short-sleeved shirts are as soft as a puppy's ears and meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. I recently tested out the "reduce. reuse. rewoof" women's shirt and can attest to the great comfort of this shirt! However, I wouldn't wear it unless you want lots of lookers who'll glance and give a little laugh or smile... its definitely got a major cuteness factor going on!



Robin said...

Cute toys...we have a new store in town that carries Planet Dog, I'll have to watch to see if they start carrying these!

SissySees said...

Sorry there wasn't a better photo of the girls at play with the ball! Fred would have LOVED Gingy...

dogquilter said...

cool toys! Wilbur loves balls too and the squeaky toys, Charlotte loves to tear them apart.

Marjie said...

"Rewoof" is a funny shirt!

Sue said...

They look like some very satisfied customers. I really like your testers.

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