Tuesday, September 01, 2009

REVIEW: Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats

Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats: Dehydrated Chicken Livers
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Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats

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When the package from Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats arrived for review at the Lapdog household, I quickly had 4 obnoxious little to large size beggers who could smell chicken-yummies a mile away! As a doggy mom, I was just as excited to have the kids test one of Mrs. Beasley's products - not only are the treats all natural and good for your pooch, but they are made right here in New Hamsphire!

MrsBeasleys_Tut MrsBeasleys_ZeusB

They could not keep their noses off one of Mrs. Beasley's newest creations, the Dehydrated Chicken Livers For Dogs and Cats - making this a rather difficult item to photograph prior to reviewing! Sold in small (1.5 oz) and large (3.5 oz) packages, there are just two simple ingredients: chicken liver and smoke flavor. What more could you ask for in a wholesome, natural treat for your pet - and what better way for those of you with both cats and dogs to easily be able to treat all of your beloved pets at once? While the Lapdog household can not officially proclaim a cats love of Dehydrated Chicken Livers, we can give them a solid sixteen paws up - and we're pretty confident that no smart kitty would turn their nose up to these!

MrsBeasleys_Lola MrsBeasleys_Zeus

Founded in 2005 when owner Maydene started baking for her fussy German Shepherd Joshua, Mrs. Bealsey's has set a solid foundation on using only the freshest, natural, locally grown and raised ingredients. Joshua glady devoured treats as fast as she could bake them, and soon family and friends were standing in line as well. Mrs. Bealsey's can now be found in local New Hampshire retail businesses and farmers markets. Don't live in the area? Not to fear, they accept orders via phone and their website - and orders over $30 ship for free!

If you're looking for something natural that you can feel confident about feeding to your pets, look no further than Mrs. Beasley's! Baked with NH Apples, NH Maple Syrup, NH Farm raised Lamb, Venison and Chicken and registered with the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Mrs. Beasley's are truly "Natural Homemade Treats for My Pets and Yours." Maydene says, "I like developing new treats and I love my business!!! Making your dogs, cats and even your horses glad to be snacking on Mrs. Beasley's Treats."


SissySees said...

What restraint! Gretchen would be bouncing up and down, so any photos of her would be blurry, and Sis would likely have the bag in her mouth...

Bubblesknits said...

Fluffy says that she'll be more than happy to taste a chicken liver for you. ;-) Or just give her the whole chicken, preferably live so she can play with it for a while. LOL

Sue said...

I read your post out loud and have Sky drooling into my lap. Looks like we'll have to try them. Natural and local, what more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Ashie our English Setter loves behaving herself as she knows she is going to get at Mrs. Beasley Smoke House Beef Jerkey treat. We enjoy seeing you at the Farmer's Market in Concord. Big lick from Ash! Woof!

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