Thursday, January 06, 2011

Help Save NH Bobcats!

A public service announcement of sorts... I just signed and hope you will too!
Reprinted from the Nashua Telegraph 

Just say ‘no’ to trapping of bobcats in state

My sources inform me that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department intends to open up a fur trapping season on bobcats at the conclusion of its current research with the University of New Hampshire to estimate the state’s bobcat population.
And it has the nerve to ask the unsuspecting public to help achieve its objective.

In a recent press release, Fish and Game’s Mark Ellingwood asks people to report bobcat sightings to the department if you are “supportive of our research efforts.”

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly unsupportive of the research because Fish and Game intends to use the results to open up the now closed trapping and hunting seasons to bobcats.

If you are against the trapping and hunting of bobcats, then let Fish and Game know by signing the petition that 2,300 (I just signed and it's now up to over 2,500 signatures!) people already have signed to say “no” to trapping and hunting of New Hampshire bobcats - You can help save New Hampshire bobcats.

Suzanne L. Fournier, Coordinator
Speaking for Animals in NH

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