Friday, May 27, 2011

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Prefense Hand Sanitizer

Prefense Hand Sanitizer
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Whether your children have 2 legs or 4, I would bet that you carry a bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes in your purse.  Maybe you have one stashed in the car, one on the kitchen counter and one in your gym bag?  I know that if you're a knitter, you've got one in your project bag as well.  

As a Dog Mom/Knitter/Crew Chief-significant other of a racer/all around Animal Lover, hand sanitizer is a must.  Whether it's a trip to the dog park, fondling yarn at a tent sale, helping to fix thing-a-ma-bobs at the race track or petting the flock at a fiber festival, hand sanitizer is a part of my daily life, as I'm sure it is yours. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we only had to use hand sanitizer once per day and not after every. single. sheep. we touch?  That's where Prefense comes in... "one spray lasts all day."

Prefense is a unique foaming hand sanitizer that protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more.  Made of all-natural ingredients (there is absolutely NO alcohol in it), Prefense protects for up to 24 hours or 10 hand washings!  It is non-toxic, safe for kids and will not hurt you if swallowed. 

Unlike traditional alcohol sanitizers, Prefense is silica based and will not dry out your hands.  I was a little skeptical about this and figured it it didn't dry out my hands, it would probably leave them with a greasy film.  I'm happy to report this is not the case! Prefense actually seems to smooth and soften my hands.  It even contains soothing botanicals to prevent drying, redness and chapping  Simply apply Prefense to dry hands, rub them together and let dry.  There is no slimy residue left behind, nor any odor.  Best of all, the fact that one application lasts all day makes it very convenient for us always-on-the-go types, not to mention the lazy in all of us!

Prefense is economical as well.  I received the 1.5 oz Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer which offers 120 applications, costing just $.08 per day, compared to $1.20 per day with alcohol hand sanitizers.  I can live with that... as well as not pulling out the bottle every 20 minutes to reapply!

Are you ready to check it out for yourself?  Prefense is now available for you to purchase directly from their website in several sizes.  Order a small one for the car and a large for the house.  You can learn more about Prefense via their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter

Image of Prefense 8 ozGIVEAWAY! Prefense is allowing me to giveaway one of the awesome big 8oz size bottles to one of you.  This equals over 640 applications!  With a spray lasting all day, this one bottle of Prefense could potentially last one user almost 2 years!  To enter:

1) Leave a comment here telling me why you wan to win!
2) You must be a US resident.  Prefense will ship the product directly to you.

Winners will be selected by random number generator.
Deadline for entries is Thursday, June 2 at midnight.

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pam said...

I have 2 dogs and 4 grands that go everywhere with me. nuff said...

pee ess: my captcha word is hospial - 'I'm in the hospial and too sick to pronounce the t'

Grace said...

I am constantly battling bronchitis and pneumonia I NEED this

SissySees said...

I feel guilty since we just won the book, but the Knight is a hand-sani addict and needs this alcohol free option!!

moevans said...

Sounds like a great product. I've got two dogs and two cats. I haven't been sick in almost two years and I'd like to keep it that way!

grammieb46 said...

would love to have this to carry with me being a fleamarket nut i handle alot of stuff

Marjie said...

My skin is so dry that I can't use hand sanitizers. I wash all the time, and use antibacterial lotion afterward. This sounds like a great product!

Sue said...

Lets see, I have ten dogs, two birds and a husband. That should be reason enough, but there's more. I keep bottles of hand sanitizer in each bathroom, the kitchen, next to the chair where I knit and two in the garage. One by where I feed the dogs and one by where I groom them. I've tried a lot of different ones and hate the alcohol or medicinal smell and how they dry my skin. Also the dogs don't like to come near me when I use it, it must smell bad to them, too.

How's that for reasons?

WonderWhyGal said...

Now that is an amazing give-away. I can't believe that it only requires one squirt a day.

Bubblesknits said...

Oooh! I'd love to win that. You know how sick my kiddos stay. LOL Anything that helps me keep the germs at bay would be welcome. Great review and I'll be looking into that, regardless of whether or not I win. : )

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