Tuesday, January 03, 2012

REVIEW: Planet Dog eats

Planet Dog eats
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Planet Dog, the socially responsible pet industry leader, has launched two new flavors of Planet Dog eats, their line of premium and healthy dog treats - PB & J and Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie.  The eats treats are now made by Planet Dog's local baking partner, Polka Dog Bakery in Boston, MA and have been designed with form, function and versatility in mind.  The 100% natural dog treats aid in tartar control and offer super nutrients in every bite for optimal health and wellness.

“We are honored to be working with an organization like Polka Dog,” says Stephie Volo, Planet Dog’s Top Dog. “They have been baking award-winning treats for over seven years and have been an excellent resource and partner to us. It is exciting to work with an organization that shares the same values,” adds Volo.

Planet Dog eats are Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and were redesigned to fit the treat spot in their extremely popular line of Orbee-Tuff toys.  The new bone-shaped eats can be broken into smaller pieces for placing inside all sizes of Orbee-Tuff toys with ease.  This also makes them great for dogs of all sizes and for portion control.  Additionally, the crunchy surface supports daily tartar control and contributes to healthy teeth and gums. Planet Dog eats are wheat, corn and soy-free and contain no wheat gluten. 

The PB & J eats offer powerful antioxidants thanks to real Maine blueberries and peanut butter. Blueberries can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and digestive problems and are a great source of fiber. The presence of brain stimulating vitamins in blueberries can help keep senior dogs sharper, while copper, zinc and iron help boost and maintain a healthy immune system. Peanut butter is also loaded with antioxidants as well as protein and basic carbohydrates. The peanut oil in peanut butter contains omega fatty-acids which help reduce bad cholesterol that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie eats naturally support digestion thanks to the high fiber content found in pumpkin. Pumpkin is a natural remedy for stomach ailments, is packed with beta carotein, high in vitamins C, K and E and an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and iron. Feeding pumpkin to a dog can help lower their risk of cancer, cataracts and heart disease.  They also feature ginger, a perennial herb that has potent anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates digestion and enhances the immune system. 

Planet Dog eats are sold in a recyclable, 12-ounce virgin craft cardboard box and like all of Planet Dog's products, they are covered by the company's 100% satisfaction guarantee.  More importantly, eats have received the official 16 Paws Up Lapdog Seal of Approval for a second time!  Run out and get some for your pack now!


HH and The Boys said...

We aren't dogs, but you sure do make that sound great.

Have a good day.

pawhugs, Max

SissySees said...

I keep meaning to find the PB&J to try...

Sue said...

They're making me hungry.

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