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The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls - One Flying Disc at a Time
by Jim Gorant
Hardcover: 256 Pages
Publisher: Gotham (August 30, 2012)


I received copies of Wallace: The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls - One Flying Disc at a Time for review/give away, and am opting to preview it for you rather than do my usual tried-and-true review.  Translation: I won't have time to sit down and read Wallace like I want to right now, but I don't want to hold off on telling you all about this amazing canine and giving you the opportunity to win a copy of his story!

I'm already a huge fan of Wallace!  A rescued American Pit Bull Terrier, Wallace has become one of the best spokes-dogs any breed could ever hope for.  Let's face it, no other breed is as frequently and unfairly defamed as the Pit Bull.  America's Dog, who was once known for their loving, child-friendly nature, has made headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent years... usually resulting from illegal dog fighting or owner neglect.  Enter Wallace, who is making headlines for all the right reasons and showing America just what their dog is capable of. 

Wallace, originally a stray, was rescued from the brink of death three times during the first two years of his life.  He was considered unadoptable due to his restlessness and drive, but that didn't stop Clara and Andrew "Roo" Yori, a couple who worked at the Rochester, MN shelter that had taken Wallace in, from bringing him home.  They hoped to find a worthwhile outlet for his energy, strength and intelligence.  Enter canine disc competition!  Roo, a former college soccer player and coach, trained Wallace night and day to master the sport.   Wallace trained, overcame prejudice and beat the odds... and in less than two years after he was saved from euthanasia, he became a world champion! In a sport dominated by lighter, more agile breeds like shepherds and terriers, Wallace is changing minds one disc at a time!   

In Wallace, author Jim Gorant tells the story of this unwanted pit bull turned flying-disc champion, as well as the young couple who dedicated their lives to saving and training him. It is as much a story about the undeniable bond between human and canine, as it is about the excitement, tension, and highs and lows of competing.  

"Part Rocky, part Marley & Me, part Friday Night Lights, Wallace will appeal to anyone who loves dogs and underdogs, or just the thrill of competition." ~ Gotham Books   
Are you itching to learn more about this beautiful pit bull ambassador?  Check out Wallace's very own website and Facebook page.  He even has a You Tube channel, which is where we found this great video clip...

Pick up a copy of Wallace today!  I can't wait to have the time to sit down and get lost in my own copy and I'm sure any dog lover will feel the same.  

About the Author: Jim Gorant is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Lost Dogs, about the pit bulls that were rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.  He has worked as a magazine editor and writer for twenty years and is currently a Senior Editor at Sports Illustrated.  Jim lives in Montclair, New Jersey.

GIVEAWAY! Thanks to the publisher, I have a copy of Wallace to give away to a lucky readers! To enter:

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  • Leave a comment here answering this question: Why do you want to win a copy of Wallace?  Perhaps you're a pittie lover or just love seeing an underdog come out on top?  Maybe you want to read more about the flying-disc world or you just can't resist Wallace's adorable mug? 
You must complete both steps 1 & 2 and be a US resident to win.
You can get extra entries by sending your friends here to enter (be sure to have them mention your name).... blog, Tweet, Facebook and text away!
Winner will be selected by random number generator.  

Deadline for entries is Thursday, September 6th at 11:59pm EST 
Disclaimer: The publisher provided me with two copies of Wallace, one for review and one to give away.


Unknown said...

Wow dat sounds like a pretty cool story. Mommy likes to read all dem doggy stories. She recently read Oogy (which she thought was cute). I bet she would love to read dis one!


Unknown said...

We like bottom of the pile comes top of the pile type stories. Have a great Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

SissySees said...

We love Pits and happy ending dog stories, not to mention mostly white dogs...

Marjie said...

How could you resist a book with such a cute face on the cover? I hope you get time to enjoy it properly very soon, maybe if it rains on Sunday or Monday?

Anonymous said...

I love dogs and love to read. So what could be better than a book that will make you cry??? Would love to read this and share with my neighbor who works with a local pit bull rescue.

kat said...

Why do you want to win a copy of Wallace? My first volunteer job i took with a pitbull rescue and have been amazed by the breed ever since. I grew up thinking a dog was a dog, not caring what breed they were, and being involved in the rescue has just shocked me on how much people don't know about dogs and only listen to what the media tell them.

Unknown said...

Oh that Wallace. He is truly and inspiration for dog lovers everywhere. Pitties get such a bad rap. Wallace is a perfect example of the love this breed of dog is capable of sharing. I recently purchased a copy of A Dog's Purpose - would love to read about Wallace. Thank you Nichole, for sharing Wallace with us. Get well soon Wallace - you have more love and inspiration to share.

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