Monday, August 26, 2013

The BEST Day Ever!

Why is today THE best day ever, you ask?  Well, because it's National Dog Day, of course!


National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige and is celebrated each year on August 26th.  This day not only honors our family dogs and the working dogs who put our lives ahead of theirs on a daily basis, it also serves as a reminder to the public of the large number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. 

Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows they love unconditionally and their loyalty is unwavering.  Whether the family pet who is always by your side and wags his tail uncontrollably when you return home, or the working dog who is out their with law enforcement removing drugs from our streets, detecting bombs, or searching for victims in the middle of devastation, dogs put their lives on the line for us every single day.  Today is a day of deep appreciation and admiration. 

Animal shelter

National Dog Day encourages "dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure - and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse-free life."  Additionally, the movement is against any kind of breed restriction legislation (BSL), and discourages people from purchasing dogs from pet stores, backyard breeders and puppy mills.  Adopt, Don't Shop!  There are millions of wonderful, loving dogs euthanized every year simply because they are unwanted.  Please consider adopting on National Dog Day!

Three of the four Lapdogs are officially rescues (Zeus came from friends, and in a sense was a "rescue" as well when his original owners decided they couldn't keep him at just 7 weeks of age). 

Zeus_81913 Untitled

Untitled Sophie_81913

Aren't they just the happiest bunch of misfits "shelter dogs" you've ever seen (okay sure, I may be a little biased on this one)?  

We hope you'll help us spread the word about National Dog Day today... and hug, scratch and show some love to every single dog you see today, and everyday!


Unknown said...

That means treats I hope. Happy National Dog Day to you and have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

jen said...

Happy National Dog Day!
We're making some special cool treats to celebrate!

Sue said...

And when isn't it Dog Day at your house?

Marjie said...

If a dog is what you want, does it matter where he came from? Your pack is as happy as any I've seen!

Ruby said...

Oh, Happy Happy Doggie Day!!!!
How cool is that, huh?!
I sure hopes this means extra treaties!!!! Yummers!
Okay guys, you just looks just ADORABLES!!! I bets you have tons of funs togethers!
Ruby ♥

Snoopydog said...

I hope you had a fab day! My Mum keeps these things from me, but luckily my blog pals told me so I demanded extra treats! :)


Your pal Snoopy :)

SissySees said...

We missed it. Oh well. Maybe next year...

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