Friday, April 11, 2014

Taking Back Life, One Pound at a Time #HillsPet

Weight is a sensitive issue - whether we're talking about our own or our pets.  While we encounter endless reminders in our every day lives about human weight loss (television commercials, magazine ads, Groupons for gym memberships), dog weight loss seems to remain a bit taboo.  With little education out there, and the perception that food equals love, many pet parents don't even realize their pet is overweight.  But here's a scary fact... 53% of dogs in the US are overweight.  That's over half the US dog population! 

A dog's weight can get out of hand quickly, leaving many pet parents feeling helpless.  In addition to the obvious health concerns, extra pounds also affect our relationship with our dogs through reduced mobility, which leads to less and less of the playtime they crave so much.  It's time pet parents take control of the situation and with a little help from Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, successful dog weight loss is possible.

I want to share Bear's story with you.  It's emotional and extreme, but :::spoiler alert::: it has a very happy ending. 

Bear's parents were at their wit's end.  Their best friend was so overweight that he couldn't even walk.  Bear's life was reduced to living on a tarp, with little dignity.  His parents had to clean up after him because he couldn't go outside. Sadly, things had been so bleak they thought they would have to euthanize Bear.  That's when their Veterinarian  suggested Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution... and the rest is history.  Check out Bear's story...

Thanks to Bear's family's willingness to consult their Veterinarian, his life was literally saved with simple, healthy weight loss for dogs.  A total transformation!  Bear's Dad said it best with four simple words, "I gained a friend." 

Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is safe, effective and fast.  Pet parents, like Bear's, can expect to see a leaner, happier pet in just 60 days. 

88% of pets loss weight in 2 months at home; so all pets, not just ones with sever problems like Bear, can shed the pounds and regain their youthful figure
Check out these other amazing real-dog transformations!

Suzie, a 6 year old female hound mix lost 20.1 pounds, or 24.4% of her body weight over 17 weeks.

Suzie ~ Day 0, 82.0 pounds

Suzie ~ Day 120, 62.0 pounds

Lola Nass lost 9.7 pounds, or 19.5% of her body weight over 12 weeks.  Her owners were really pleased and thought it was pretty easy.

Lola ~ Day 0, 49.6 pounds

Lola ~ Day 84, 39.9 pounds

We all know that our beloved dogs' natural live spans are far too short as it is.  Don't allow your dog to miss out on all of life's adventures because they're over weight.  Help your dog shed the extra pounds, regain their youthful energy and live each moment to the fullest!

 DogPark_Izzy_6912 Tut_mazee_62612

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Marjie said...

If only we could make ourselves eat the Mom's Metabolic Weight Loss Kibble! My sister in law had a beagle, and about a decade took him to the vet, who declared, "I've never seen an 82 pound beagle before!" She put Woody on a diet, which was hard to do with kids feeling sorry for him. Tubby Puppies are a problem; kudos for spreading the word.

SissySees said...

Good topic. We favor the green beans to fill the void diet, but the furgirls are lean thanks to all the walks and runs!

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