Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh The Horror... and Embarrassment!

Monday already?  I don't know about you, but I've been lobbying for 3-day weekends as the norm for quite awhile now.  An extra day between Saturday and Sunday would be ideal... just saying.

It's getting warm hot as heck in our neck of the woods and we're expecting a mini heat wave this week.  I have one word: ugh   

I took advantage of the hot temps and gave everyone a bath on the deck yesterday.  It's always such a task to lift all four into the bath tub, and Zeus is so unsteady on his feet these days that I know it would be too much on him.  So, despite how stinky the Lapdogs have been, I opted to wait for a warm day so we could go through the horror have fun outside.

Teutul was the first victim reluctant bather. 

Just gave all 4 dogs a bath outside... Which means I got one too! Tut wouldn't even look at me until I gave him a treat. #notsohappydog #bathtime #instadog #dogstagram #houndmix #rescued #coonhoundmix #nosmilehere #deck #summer

Since Sophie kept trying to escape into the house while I was washing her hound brother, she earned the second spot.

Just gave all 4 dogs a bath outside... Which means I got one too! Sophie's turn #notsohappydog #bathtime #rescued #houndmix #instadog #dogstagram #ilovemydogs #toocute

My Happy Old Man, Zeus was third in the bath line.

Just gave all 4 dogs a bath outside... Which means I got one too! Zeus might be the only #happydog #ilovemydogs #dogstagram #instadog #bigdog #ilovemyseniordog #ilovebigmutts #seniordog #smiling #bathtime #smile #summer #deck

Lola rounded out the pack, and not only got a nice shampoo, but an extra conditioner to help with her dry skin.

Just gave all 4 dogs a bath outside... Which means I got one too!  Here's Lola... Sparkly clean! #dogstagram #instadog #ilovemydogs #bathtime #notsohappydog #dobermanmix #dobiemix #rescued #mutt #ilovemyseniordog #ilovebigmutts #seniordog

As soon as the hose started, Tut kept trying to push the bench I was using to block the door, and even tried to teach Sophie how to help him do so.  (Sure, I could have just closed  the door, but what challenge lies in that?)  Little stinkers... but thankfully, they don't stink anymore! 


As I finished bathing each dog, I stuck them on the other side of the deck and shut the gate. When I showed Zeus to the "drying room," Tut was so miffed that he wouldn't even look at me!  He laid down facing the house (which means his rear end was facing Mama) and wouldn't even turn his head.  Was my baby peed-off or just embarrassed?  I'm not sure, but after everyone was smelling fresh, I decided they had earned the right to enjoy some gooey, stinky bones that I'd be saving for outside-only treats.  If you follow us on Instagram, there's a video clip.


I wish I had gotten some more photos, but bath day was a one-woman show. 


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Mom Kim here- I tried to just spray off Shiloh one time when we were sitting on our deck – picture in your mind the sight of an almost 40 pound dog grabbing the shoulders of a 5 foot woman who was kneeling and then trying to climb up off the ground to escape the water. Doing a full bath on the deck – don’t see it happening. And yes, at least a 3 day weekend, EVERY weekend - would be a great thing indeed. At least we have a holiday weekend coming up and I managed to make it a 4 day weekend - just wish it happened more often.
Mom Kim

Sheltie Times said...

Great shots. Getting us washed and groomed is one of the parent's extras fixed into the budget. Our monthly spa days keep us smelling good.

Marjie said...

Three of them look honked, but good old Zeus just looks happy as can be. Do you think that he's the smartest of the lot, and knows that bath equals cooling off?

Ruby said...

Oh, the dreaded water torture....
I don't thinks it's any betters outdoors...just sayin'
I've always had the tub as my torture chamber, Ma says there is less room for escape.
Wells, at least ya'll gots a stinky bone to start the good smells goin' again!! (unfortunately, my torture is this weekend, so I'm told...nuts.)
Ruby ♥

M. K. Clinton said...

I love all of your pictures, but the one of Zeus stole my heart! You had your work cut out for you!!

Sue said...

I used to think it was rough bathing three in a day. Then the pups came along and we'd put all eight in the tub together. We got as wet as they did. Now the most I usually tackle is two a day.

Kathy R said...

Guess I'm really lucky that our dog park has three shower stalls. Lucy takes her shower out there on Saturday mornings after swimming. Her current shampoo has a nice orange scent.

Love the wet dog photos.

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