Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bretagne, Last known 9/11 Ground Zero Search Dog

Today marks a time that none of us will ever forget.  And while we all remember, we also move forward.  

If you haven't already read the amazing story of Bretagne, the last known surviving Ground Zero search dog, click here.  This is one story you don't want to miss!   

An exhausted Bretagne takes a break at Ground Zero in September 2001.
An exhausted Bretagne takes a break at Ground Zero in September 2001
Andrea Booher / FEMA News Photo

Bretagne (pronounced "Brittany") and all of the other hero search dogs of 9/11 put smiles on the faces of firefighters and search crews during an extremely difficult time.  Now, at 15 years young, she needs a little helping paw from us.

Denise Corliss and Bretagne the search dog at Ground Zero in 2001.
Denise Corliss and Bretagne take a break together at Ground Zero in 2001
Courtesy of Denise Corliss

Bretagne is currently in the running for the American Humane Association's annual Hero Dog Awards - in fact, she's one of just 8 finalists!  And now, Bretagne needs our votes!  Online voting is open here until September 15th.  Won't you take just a few moments to click over and vote for this amazing hero?

Oh, and you can vote once per day from now until the 15th!  Let's show Bretagne and her human, Denise Corliss, how much we appreciate them.


Sue said...

We voted. Many of the canine heroes of that time dies from respiratory problems or cancers from the toxins they encountered. Our PWD rescue dog was one of them. hey will be remembered always.

Marjie said...

I voted, too.

tubby3pug said...

Im voting
Retro rover

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