Friday, December 12, 2014

REVIEW: goDog BedZzz

goDog BedZzz

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When we were asked if we'd like to review the new line of goDog BedZzz, I jumped at the chance!  I don't know about your household, but our 4-doggy household has beds in both the living room and bedroom (and, no, that doesn't mean dogs don't find their way onto the couches and human bed), and finding ones that hold up to large dogs has always been a challenge.

goDog BedZzz are designed to fit most standard size crates/kennels, which made them all the more intriguing to me (but of course, that doesn't mean you have to use them in a crate). Teutul is the only Lapdog who still spends time in a crate - mostly when we're at work, and only because, despite his age, he's still a bundle of energy and it's the easiest way for me to ensure Zeus has a peaceful day while I'm not home.  Plus, Tut doesn't seem to mind and goes right for his crate when he knows I'm leaving in the morning.

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Anyway, back to Tut's crate bedding.  In the past he's chewed holes in the beds and pillows to "de-stuff" them, so I had switched to blankets.  When I found out the goDog BedZzz were made to stand up to "tough love," I knew we had to try one!

goDog BedZzz are made with the same awesome Chew Guard Technology used in their toys (which I already know holds up to the Lapdogs).  This proprietary process adds a tear-resistant mesh lining that is guaranteed to stand up to even the toughest chewers!  It's super squishy too... and addictive.  They attach a sample to the tag and I find myself "squishing" it from time to time... like a stress ball, only better).
"goDog BedZzz are GUARANTEED to last longer than standard soft plush beds or we will give you a free one-time replacement! Guarantee valid for 30 days from purchase date. Shipping and handling fees apply."
goDog BedZzz are available in 6 sizes, XS (18" x 13") thru XXL (49" x 30"), and several color options.  I opted for the XL size, which is 43" x 28" and intended for 42" crates.  When the box arrived, I was a little skeptical as it seemed to be pretty small.  In fact, I had thought they forgot the bed (we also received some wonderful goDog toys for review  - stay tuned to hear about those next week)!  Much to my surprise, this really big, super squishy bed popped out when we opened the box!


Oh my... I know many folks wish for scratch 'n sniff internet, but I wish we had touch 'n fluff internet.  I can't even begin to tell you how soft and squishy this bed is!  Not only were all 4 of the Lapdogs immediately interested in it, but I was too!  I *might* have even pushed a dog to the side and claimed it as my own for a minute... or five! 

I think Tut was a little confused at first.  He gave it a chomp and realized it had the squishy chew-guard stuff inside, then started trying to carry it around the house like a giant stuffed bear.  We had a little talk and I explained this was not a squeaky toy, but the most comfortable bed he will ever have... and he seemed to get the hang of it.


We used our goDog BedZzz during the last bits of deck-lounging weather this fall, then moved it into the living room.  I wanted to ensure that Tut truly realized it was a bed and not a toy before moving it into his crate.  That will happen this weekend...

goDog BedZzz do not have a removable outer shell, however the whole bed is machine washable (air dry flat, then re-fluff). 


If there's a special little - or big - doggy on your holiday shopping list this year, do consider a goDog BedZzz!  They will love you for it (after you get off of it and give it back to them, of course).

Disclaimer: Quaker Pet Group sent one Bedzzz XL dog bed to Lapdog Creations for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.


Sue said...

That sounds like our kind of bed, tough! Is it cushiony enough for 15 year old joints?

Rascal and Rocco said...

Looks so warm and cozy! Thank you for joining the Pet Parade today! ~Rascal and Rocco

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We think Fenris might actually sleep on that bed. We will have to check into getting one for him.

Marjie said...

Your pack sure does look like they all enjoyed that bed! At least they can't squabble over it like children do, or you'd have been wearing earplugs!

SissySees said...

The Knight has decided Gg wants a "snuggly bed" for travel. I think she wants what I call the "pita bread" style (with a slightly domed ... roof?), but this definitely meets his "cozy" requirement...

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