Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Spring

It can spring anytime now... please?  While we've been teased with a couple days of decent temperatures, and plenty of mud, spring still hasn't officially sprung in our neck of the woods.  Teutul is, not so patiently, waiting...  

Tut, keeping an eye on the trash. He knows that crazy man is coming to steal it again. #dogstagram #instadog #rescued #coonhoundmix #guarddog

We got more snow over the weekend.  Not a lot, maybe a couple inches, but still.

Oh look, it's snowing... #spring #snow #newengland #winterwontend #603

And, as I look out the window, it's spitting that white crap today too.  hmprf

Other than the weather, there's not a lot of mischief going on around the Lapdog house.  Zeus is still hanging in there, although he's not doing well and his health is certainly on the decline. 

My handsome old man #dogstagram #bigdog #seniordog #ilovebigmutts #ilovemyseniordog #cancersucks

If this were any other dog, I think he would have given up by now and stopped eating, stopped functioning, etc.  But this is Zeus we're talking about.  The dog with the strongest will to live I have ever seen.  The dog who's been through so much in his 14 short years, but has fought it all head on.

While I'm not sure how much fight my boy has left in him, I am determined to see it through for as long as he wants to fight.  It is not easy. We've made appointments and cancelled them numerous times.  Each time when I think my boy is going to tell us that he's ready, he surprises us all.  The emotional roller-coaster has been on supersonic speed.  Please keep the paws crossed. While the power of the paw no longer can help to heal my boy, it can help to make his last days as enjoyable as possible. 


Marjie said...

I know you'll keep him happy and comfortable as long as possible. Zeus knows how much he is loved. I know how you feel, and my thoughts are with you.

Barbara Rivers said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through the emotional roller coaster. We are keeping all 8 paws and 4 hands crossed for your boy Zeus.

Unknown said...

Zeus, our Paws and thoughts are with you and your hoomans.

LA Paylor said...

This is how we felt with our Chelsea. My prayer was always, let me know when she's ready, and help me let her go. I felt like she did let me know but she left a hole in our family and it's been 13 years.
Zeus looks like he wants to keep going. What a beauty he is. You must want to indulge his every whim right now. I felt your emotional pain and am glad Zeus and you have each other.

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