Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day + Power of the Paw Request

Excuse our fly-by post today, but Tut is feeling under the weather and Mama literally has 101 things going on this week (you know what they say, when it rains, it pours).

Tut began shaking his ears on Saturday and upon inspection, both were full of icky goop.  Sophie is our usual ear-issue dog, so fortunately we have a nice prescription cleaner on hand which I used to clean his ears a few times over the weekend.  Yesterday morning it was clear they were still bothering him, so it was off to the vet last night (unfortunately Dr. C was on vacation, but we saw another great staff vet).  Turns out my boy has bacterial infections in both ears and I can only imagine how long this has been going on without him letting us know. 


On top of this, Tut had vomited on Saturday afternoon and has since been very skeptical about eating his usual kibble (Taste of the Wild, fish variety).  It's not like him to refuse any food (even when sick), so this was extremely odd.  But the vet didn't see any issues with his teeth and overall appearance, and since he had only vomited once, we decided to start treating his ear infections and see if he began to accept his usual food again.

Last night I tried soaking his kibble, and did something I really should not have.  I added in a couple packets of a dehydrated food we had on hand, some of our usual canned mix-in, and some of Sophie's kibble to see if that enticed Tut.  He ate quite a bit of it, but did his best to leave behind the kibble.  Then... he vomited this morning. 

I'm really hoping this time was my fault for throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him.  Boiled hamburger and rice will be on the menu tonight, and I have a call into the vet to see what her recommendation is.  I suspect we'll give it another day to wait and see, unless he obviously gets worse tonight.  I'm a bit fearful there may be an issue with his kibble, as they have had a recall in the past.  And, a local friend just informed me there is a dog virus going around our area.  Fantastic...

So, we could really use some Power of the Paw today in hopes that the vomiting ceases and there's nothing major going on.  And that his ear infections clear up fast because he really hates the ear medicine and cleaner. 

And, we wish everyone a Happy National Coffee Day!  I don't know about you, but I can't make it through my day without it.



Golden Daily Scoop said...

Poor thing! We are keeping our paws crossed!!

Ranger said...

Send healing POTPs your was.

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