Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Dog In a Trapper Hat

Happy December, Happy Wednesday!  For those who asked about the trapper hat Tut was wearing in Sunday's post... I bought it for Penny and yes, she loves it!  The girl seems to have a thing for hats ever since we got her witch hat for Halloween. 

Doberman in a Trapper Hat - Lapdog Creations


Dog in a Trapper Hat - Lapdog Creations

Lapdog Creations

Doberman in a Trapper Hat - Lapdog Creations

Knitting Lapdog Creations

Dog Fall New England Lapdog Creations

Yarn Lapdog Creations

Barkworthies Sweet Potato Dog Treats Lapdog Creations

Banana Cream Pie Lapdog Creations

Wellness Dog Treats Lapdog Creations


Unknown said...

That is a great hat! Happy WW!

Unknown said...

I love the ears on the dog in your last pic. They're just as big and floppy as the trapper hat itself.

The Daily Pip said...

She looks adorable in the hate. Ruby I doesn't like hats. I have tried to get her to wear them, but she always shakes them off.

Unknown said...

The hat looks great penny! Just glad its not me! Love Dolly

Marjie said...

A dog who will wear a hat is really funny. Chan's Sissy likes headgear, too; go figure. Great pictures, Nic, and I'll bet that pie was scrumptious.

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