Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love #GardeningWithPets

It's time for another container garden update, or as I'll call it... Grow it Green.

Container Gardeing with Dogs

Or more appropriately, try to grow it green anyway. Other than tomatoes, I'm not getting much to harvest just yet.  I did snip one of the bell peppers last week and boy was it tasty!

As I mentioned in our last garden post, I threw in the towel on my strawberries.  The foliage looks amazing, but where oh where are my berries? 

Strawberry Plants with no Berries

I've never had any luck with strawberries in pots - even those awesome terra cotta strawberry planters - have you? 

Plant Smiles Grow Laughter Harvest Love - Happy Dog

The Jack Be Littles are also quite impressive when it comes to foliage and blooms, but so far, there no mini pumpkins growing yet.  I'm still hopeful.

My beans absolutely hated the heat and humidity. They went from a vibrant plant (as seen on the left below) to a sparse wannabe Charlie Brown plant. We've gotten a few string beans off of it, but not enough to enjoy.

Container Gardening with Pets

I planted the cucumbers much later than I should have, so we haven't had anything to harvest yet. Both the chives and basil are doing well, but I'm not using them fast enough. I've torn basil off and thrown it over the railing for the woodchucks - hope they appreciate it. Tut loves to smell it, but refuses to eat it. He prefers the string beans.

Dog Smelling Basil

How's your garden doing? 


tubby3pug said...

I love the smiles I have a black thumb

Marjie said...

Well, maybe your bean plants are being stripped by a certain pup? He just doesn't want to share. I've never had luck with strawberries in or out of containers; sorry!

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