Friday, February 24, 2017

The Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers & Their Dogs #PoochPerks

What dog doesn't love a box stuffed full of awesome toys and tasty treats?

doberman mix rescue dog with pooch perks box

And, what dog parent doesn't love being able to spoil their pooch without breaking the bank?

Disclosure: Pooch Perks sent a February box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all opinions expressed are our own. If you click on our affiliate links and subscribe, we may receive a few pennies to help maintain this blog.

With Pooch Perks Inc., everyone can spoil their pooch without going broke! With the recent launch of an updated website, they have streamlined their options and ordering process, and added some specialty boxes - but we'll tell you about all of that at the end of this post.

First we need to talk about this month's toys and treats! After all, it's no secret that the Lapdog household loves getting their Pooch Perks Inc. box.

The 4-legged members love getting a box jam-packed with new toys and treats every month, while the 2-legged members love the fun themes, quality toys, and the fact that all treats are always made in the USA.

February's box did not disappoint with it's flirty and fun Fifty Shades of Ruff theme.

3 rescued dogs with toys and treats

Here's what we found inside...
  • Down Dog Snacks AppleBerry Zensations
    • These new-to-us, heart-shaped treats are handmade in small batches with apple sauce and blueberries. The Lapdogs have another favorite brand!
  • ZippyPaws Valentine's Brainey - Bear in Love
    • Brainey is just too cute for words, and he is perfect for dogs of most sizes. He's Penny's new BFF - she's been carrying him around everywhere.
  • Spunky Pup Squeaky Gems - Heart
    • This fun toy has a crazy bounce, floats, and squeaks.... sure to keep pups entertained for hours.
  • Sally Snacks Venison Jerky
    • This is another new-to-us brand that the Lapdogs are loving. Their Mom loves the fact that the jerky treats are made with just two ingredients - all natural venison and organic turmeric.
  • Multipet Loofa Dog Head
    • We have been fans of the original Loofa Dog for years, but this new ultra-soft, crinkly, flat buddy has added a little spice to the mix! It's fun to toss, tug and shake. Sophie loves to scrunch him up and get the crinkling sound going as loud as she can.
  • Healthy Dogma Jamaican Bacon Heart Barkers
    • We've had this fun brand of treats before, but the Jamaican Bacon flavor was all new to the Lapdogs.... and boy did they go a little crazy for the heart-shaped deliciousness! Mama loves that they provide heart healthy benefits.
  • DogWine FetchMe Noir
    • The humans sure got a chuckle out of this one! The doggy treat is made from filtered water, infused with organic bacon extract and enriched with salmon oil. And yes, it is non-alcoholic.

I'm really impressed with the variety of treats we have been receiving in our boxes each month. Not just because Pooch Perks only sends ones that are Made in the USA, but more so because we are being introduced to so many "small guy" brands that we might not have otherwise discovered. This month is was Down Dog Snacks and Sally Snacks.

doberman mix dog with toys and treats pooch perks box

Now, let's talk about the new box options and ordering process.

Pamper Your Pooch with A Monthly Surprise! Join now at!

Instead of having to decide between three different priced boxes, Pooch Perks subscribers can now opt for the standard box (which can be customized with add-ons), or a completely customized box tailored just for your dog. The new customized boxes are perfect for dogs who may prefer toys or treats only, have grain sensitivities, need extra durable toys, etc.

And, if you opt for the standard Popular Pooch box, you still have several ways to customize it!

There are now have 5 choices for the size of your dog (as opposed to just 2 before), all the way from Little Bit to Mixed for multi-dog households. Subscribers who opt for a multi-month plan will now receive a discount, and for those still not ready to make any commitment, you can try Pooch Perks out with the new Sample Pooch box.

Here's how the process works...
  • Fill out the registration information
    • dog's name & birthday, any allergies and your email address
  • Select your box option - SAVE 10% off with code LAPDOG
    1. Popular Pooch starting at $27.95 - features 4 to 5 items
      • Select dog size
        • Little Bit for dogs under 10lbs
        • Small for dogs 10 - 40 lbs
        • Medium for dogs 40 - 70 lbs
        • Large for dogs over 70 lbs
        • Mixed for multiple size dogs
      • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
      • Select delivery frequency
        • Monthly
        • Bi-Monthly
        • Quarterly
      • Select your monthly plan options - and save!
        • Month-to-Month
        • 3 Months - save up to 5%
        • 6 Months - save up to 10%
        • 12 Months - save up to 15%
    2. Custom Pooch starting at $31.95 - create a box just for your dog!
      • Select package options
        • Treats, Toys & Accessories
        • Treats Only
        • Toys Only
      • Select dog size (see options above)
      • Select Treat Preference Options (if including treats)
        • All Natural
        • Grain Sensitive
      • Select Toy Preference Options (if including toys)
        • Regular
        • Durable
      • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
      • Select delivery frequency (see options above)
      • Select your monthly plan options (see options above)
    3. Sample Pooch only $11.95 - try it before you commit!
      • a sample of 2 items from previous month's boxes
  • Check out and don't forget to use coupon code LAPDOG to SAVE 10%!

We think it's absolutely awesome that you can customize your box in so many ways now! While the Lapdogs love their toys and treats, we know there are many dogs out there who aren't interested in one or the other. Teutul simply can't believe that's true, but he's glad these dogs have more options now!

In addition to the new ordering options, Pooch Perks has also added a couple of Specialty Boxes to the mix!
  • Welcome Home Puppy Kit $36.95
    • designed with items every new dog owner needs, it makes a much-appreciate gift for the pup and humans
  • Barkin' Great Birthday Box $34.95
    • available for 3 sizes of dogs (small, medium, large), it's a perfect gift for any dog celebrating their special day

We are excited about all of these new options and hope you are too! Sign your favorite pooch up now at!


Marjie said...

It's so cute that Penny adopted the bear for her own! Great pictures, Nic. I'll bet these subscription services love having your pups model for them.

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Subscription boxes are the coolest ever. Many of them are expensive, nice to see one that's more affordable.

Ruby said...

That is such a good selection of stuffs!!! And if you have a Ma who can control herself in the pet store, and not buy toys and treaties everytime, so you have a huge bag of stuffs in the garage, then this is a pawsome idea! (yeah, Ma has no self control...hehehe)
You are some lucky doggies!
Ruby ♥

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