Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer is Coming! Get Ready for Barks N' BBQ #PoochPerks

Did someone say BBQ?

3 rescue dogs with Pooch Perks subscription box BBQ

The Lapdogs are ready!

Disclosure: Pooch Perks sent a May box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all opinions expressed are our own. If you click on our affiliate links and subscribe, we may receive a few pennies to help maintain this blog.

After all, who doesn't love a good BBQ? The humans and the dogs in the Lapdog household sure do, and we were all excited to tear into this month's Pooch Perks Inc. box!

2 rescue dogs pooch perks box

The theme is Barks N' BBQ and here's what we found stuffed inside our box...
  • So Bright Beef Liver treats
    • Grain free treats made with quality ingredients by a small Wisconsin-based family company
  • Plush Munchies Freeze 'n Float burger by Fou Fou Brands
    • Not only does this toy float, making it great for summer water adventures, but it can also be placed in the freezer for an icy crunch on a hot day. Penny has been running around with it so much lately that it has sprung a little stuffie leak... but it's not a little extra "lettuce" (green sewing thread) can't fix!
  • Preen Pets Just Chicken treats
    • 100% hormone and steroid free, US farm raised chicken with no fillers - easy to break into smaller bites, making them great for training!
  • The Airball by Soft Flex
    • This colorful, durable toy is part ball, part flying machine - designed to provide hours of entertainment for you and your dog!  We received the small size, which is 5" in diameter and perfect for the Lapdogs.
  • Champion Life Eco-Friendly Poop Bags
    • Not only are they made from recycled materials, but they are cherry blossom scented! 
3 rescue dogs toys bbq

Pamper Your Pooch with A Monthly Surprise!
I'm still not sure who looks forward to the Pooch Perks box more - me or the dogs. They, of course, love seeing all of the new toys and treats each month, but I really love seeing what the special theme is going to be. Pooch Perks continues to knock it out of the park!

Plus, there are so many ways you can customize your dog's box now.

Dog doesn't like treats or toys? No problem - there's a box for that.
Dog has allergies? No problem - they'll pay attention to that.
Doesn't matter if your dog weighs 10 pounds or 100 pounds - they'll accommodate that.
No matter how small or big your budget is - they've got you covered with various plans.

Signing up is as easy... simply choose your options:
  • Popular Pooch starting at $27.95 - features 4 to 5 items (this is the box we receive)
    • Select dog size
      • Little Bit for dogs under 10lbs
      • Small for dogs 10 - 40 lbs
      • Medium for dogs 40 - 70 lbs
      • Large for dogs over 70 lbs
      • Mixed for multiple size dogs
    • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
    • Select delivery frequency
      • Monthly
      • Bi-Monthly
      • Quarterly
    • Select your monthly plan options - and save!
      • Month-to-Month
      • 3 Months - save up to 5%
      • 6 Months - save up to 10%
      • 12 Months - save up to 15%
  • Custom Pooch starting at $31.95 - create a box just for your dog!
    • Select package options
      • Treats, Toys & Accessories
      • Treats Only
      • Toys Only
    • Select dog size (see options above)
    • Select Treat Preference Options (if including treats)
      • All Natural
      • Grain Sensitive
    • Select Toy Preference Options (if including toys)
      • Regular
      • Durable
    • You can add on a Pooch Booster for $7.99 and receive an extra premium toy in your dog's box
    • Select delivery frequency (see options above)
    • Select your monthly plan options (see options above)
  • Sample Pooch only $11.95 - this option allows you to try Pooch Perks before you make a commitment
    • a sample of 2 items from previous month's boxes
pooch perks dog subscription box BBQ

Sign your favorite pooch up for his or her own Pooch Perks Inc. box today! Not only are the boxes great for your own dogs, but they make fantastic gifts too.

Right now you can SAVE $20 off any 3, 6, or 12 month plan with the code BARKS for a limited time, or you can use our code LAPDOG to save 10% off of any box deal, at any time!

Got a friend with a new puppy in their life, or one celebrating a birthday? Pooch Perks is also offering two specialty boxes, all wrapped up and ready for gift giving (and you can use our code to save 10% of them) - Welcome Home Puppy Kit and Barkin' Great Birthday Box.


Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

What a great dog subscription box! I love how customizable it is too. I'm sure it's like having Christmas every time it arrives! Enjoy your May prizes!

Marjie said...

You might have heard "box" but they just heard "BBQ". Now, where are those burgers?

Impurrfectlife said...

I'm always amazed at all the unique products that come out for dogs (and cats). This is a great personalized gift idea for your dogs birthday or just special time of year (ie: BBQ Fourth of July). Thanks for sharing this post. I'll be sharing on social.

Unknown said...

These always seem like such FUN!! and then I remember that my boy only loves one single toy (in 7 years) and is so picky with food he has turned down filet mignon. Spoiled? yep.

Unknown said...

These certainly look fun! I'm sure your dogs got very excited when it arrived. This is a great idea when you are looking for new and different products for your pets.

The Daily Pip said...

LOL! I sometimes wonder the same thing about the treats and toys I buy for Ruby - does she like the stuff more or do I!. It's all so cute what can I say. Pooch Perks sounds amazing.

Beth said...

I wish I had the resources to sign up for a Pooch Perk subscription box. They always seem to have the greatest themes, toys and treats!

Sweet Purrfections said...

What a perfect theme for the beginning of the summer season. I think subscription boxes are such a great idea, especially for dogs and cats.

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

It's nice there's options by size and preferences. Mr. N is super picky so we haven't tried any boxes yet.

Lifewithmutts said...

Those beef liver treats sound yummy! Our dog are SUPER crazy destructive when it comes to toys, so no box has worked for us yet. The toys are gone in 30 seconds and it's just not worth the money. Glad this one has quality treats though, that's nice to see.

Talent Hounds said...

What a great box. Kilo the Pug would love everything, especially TREATS and the unboxing part. It's great you can customize to size, health, budget and taste and even sample it. We are looking forward to more bar-b-qs's if only the weather would improve.

FiveSibesMom said...

I had not heard of Pooch Perks. This sounds like a wonderful box full of treats! Thanks for the great review...and I love your pics, and that hamburger toy sure does look like a fun one!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Summer is made for BBQ's, this looks like a wonderful box - enjoy it!
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Sue said...

Those boxes look like so much fun. Mom says there are too many of us to get them. She thinks they would be great for a one or two dog family.

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