Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And The Emmy Goes To...

Updated with prizes & pics on Dec 14th - Oh wait... wrong show! However I am pleased to finally announce the winners of Lapdog Creations first ever contest!!!! I apologize for the delay, however my hellish life got in the way... please do forgive me! Drumroll please...

And the winners are:
1st place - Becky at Becky Knits Too who adopted the cutest little puppy I've seen in a long time! Liza Jane is part Brittney Terrier and part Boston Terrier. Who could resist this cute face?!?!
Becky wins 2 skeins of King Tut 100% cotton, a bag of The Goodlife Recipe dog cookies and a rubber football dog toy.

2nd place - Angie at Dipsy Doodle who rescued Bill & Till in November. See her post with the cuties here!
Angie wins 2 skeins of Knit Picks Shine Worsted and 1 skein of Track from Dark Horse Yarns.


3rd place - Michelle at InsanKnitty who made a donation to my ASPCA fundraising goals.
Michelle wins 1 skein of Wool in the Woods, a Rachael Hale mousepad calendar and a rope dog toy.

Special Doggy Prize goes to Mr. Mugsy at Knit Tea!
Mugsy wins a bag of Nutri Dent bones and a rubber ball.

Special Humanitarian Prize goes to The Princess aka Krystal who made a generous donation to my ASPCA fundraising goals and donated the doggy prizes for my contest winners!
Krystal wins 2 skeins of Berroco Hip Hop!

Congratulations to all winners and THANK YOU to all of you who entered! Please keep adopting, rescuing, fostering, donating, knitting snuggles and whatever else it is you can do to help animals in need - remember, we are their voice! Please feel free to donate to my ASPCA fundraising goals - the banner is still at the top and I'm still hoping to reach that $1,000!


Dianne said...

Oh, that little Liza Jane is just too sweet. I need a puppy! (No, I don't...Yes, I do...No, I don't...will it ever end?)

SissySees said...

Oooh! I want to kiss the puppy... What an interesting combination. I bet it's a live wire. Mugsy says he's never won anything before and is just excited to see his name on someone else's blog!

Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to you for all you do for healthy, happy pets!

vegasangelbrat said...

Congrats to all the winers!!
Ah, that puppy is just adorable! Reminds me of one I had in a litter long long time ago!

Michelle said...

Woof woof ! I won a contest! Wahoo! :-) What a cute little pup. similar in look to my old boy when he was just a brand spanking new adoptee back in 1994! :-)

The Princess said...

Thank you Nicole! You are too kind! And congrats to all of the other winners! The 1st place sure deserved it with a face like that! :) too cute!

Anonymous said...

look at that treasure! :-) I love my yarn. thank you Nichole! ;-) Murphy will love that rope toy.. it was one of the few toys that we've been able to get him that he enjoys...

Criquette said...

Congratulations to the winners and their furkids, too. You outdid yourself on prizes!

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