Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vote for The Kids!

I've entered a photo of each of the kids in the HSUS Spay Day USA 2008 photo contest and am hoping you will vote for them! Each person can vote for any dog once, but can vote for as many dogs as they want (i.e. you can vote once for each of our dogs, as well as any other dogs you want... and you can tell all your friends to vote for each of them too).

You can vote for them by clicking on each of their names below. The links will bring you to their exact page where you will just need to click on the "Vote For Me" button (I also listed their ID #'s next to each name just in case).

Sophie ~ ID: 1003108704
Lola ~ ID: 1003108758
Teutul ~ ID: 1003108771
Zeus ~ ID: 1003109069

You can also vote by going to this page and using the search feature - search by Last Name if you know mine and you'll see all 4 dogs on one easy page. You can also search by State (NH) and find all 4 dogs next to each other. ***UPDATE: all links seem to be working now ***

There will be a celebrity panel of judges to pick the 36 winners, however the top 500 vote getters will each win a prize from one of their sponsors, so please ... VOTE FOR OUR PACK!

They have made these campaign promises to everyone...

We will never lie to you.
We will never flip-flop.
We will never pretend to be who we are not.
We will never renege on our promises.
We will never bad talk the other doggies in the running.
And most of all, we will never ever increase your taxes!!!!

Please vote for us!!!
Woofs, kisses and high-fives,
Zeus, Lola, Teutul & Sophie


silfert said...

Got my paw on the button, ready to vote!

Alana said...

Of all the vote seekers out there right now, I think your fabulous four are the most deserving! They've got mine!! I'm gonna go over and check that out.

Joan said...

Yay! I found you in the NEK webring. It took some work tho'.
;-} I wish you were back in your usual spot.

I am voting right now!

Donna said...

Thank You for your kind advice. i think that I will try to join a group in the evening. I have one that I run at the library in the afternoons....but we usually knit and chat...I need a mentor to help me reach the next level. I didn't realise how much I missed my blog pals-thanks for your help and concern!

Criquette said...

I really love the photos you selected - there must be a winner in there somewhere!

Natalie Rush said...

I voted for all of you guys!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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