Friday, March 14, 2008

Doggy Spring Swap Questionnaire

Here is my Dogs on Thursday Spring Swap questionnaire...

How many dogs do you have?

What are her/his/their names?
Zeus, Lola, Teutul and Sophie

What are her/his/their favorite toys?
Stuffed toys, Kongs, Balls, Ropes (they're all medium to large breeds and chewers, so we tend to buy large breed/heavy duty toys when possible)

What are your favorite treats?
Besides yummy yarn and knitting notions? I love gummy berries, swedish fish, peanut butter cups, macadamia nuts...

What are her/his/their favorite treats?
They love Chew-Lotta bones, anything from Three Dog Bakery, Solid Gold doggy bagels, freeze dried liver treats, cookies (from Wellness, Old Mother Hubbard, Candidae, etc)...

What are her/his/their/persons favorite colors?
Zeus likes blue, Teutul likes green and Lola & Sophie are purple girls.

What allergies do you and/or your dog(s) have?
No cigarette smoke please. Zeus & Sophie might tell you they are allergic to bananas, but they really just don't like them. Their Mom says they are "allergic" to no-name brand dog treats found at Wal-mart and the like, as well as any treats made in China (after the big pet recall last year we are much more careful about what we feed them).

Special Thanks to both Paula & Natalie for all the hard work they do with the DOT blog and for running these great swaps too!


Criquette said...

WooHoo! When I got home from work, I found your package waiting for me. I love it! You can read about it on tomorrow's post/ Thanks a million!

Becka said...

Thanks for your kind comments about the Hope Scarf, you made my morning!
Love your pups, by the way! I have a mini doxie :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Information to help me shop for you and your dogs. Looking forward to getting to spoil you.

-Your DoT spoiler

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