Tuesday, June 17, 2008

REVIEW: Get Your Crochet On!

As previously promised, welcome to the very first Product Review by Lapdog Creations! In the coming weeks you will be finding various reviews on books (both craft & pet related), yarns, notions, knitting/crochet accessories, etc. I hope you will enjoy this new content as much as I enjoy reviewing products!

Get Your Crochet On! Fly Tops & Funky Flavas
by Afya Ibomu

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: The Taunton Press (Nov. 20, 2007)


I will start off by saying that I am not a crocheter, however find this well illustrated book fun - especially for the younger, hip generation of crafters out there! The photos are very colorful and show the patterns well.

Fly Tops & Funky Flavas provides 30 hip, stylish, urban patterns for the young and young at heart - from tanks and tunics; to socks and menswear; to belts, bangles and earrings. You'll find alot of "out there" patterns that are truly made for the younger crowd - a Biker Chain, barely there bikini top (Lil' Ma) and Fat Gold Chain necklace for your boy in the hood! However, you'll also find several cute and more every-day wearable patterns, including a very cute belt (Chica) that even I would dare to wear, a funky men's tie (Boss Up) and a pair of tunic tops; a mesh style (Tune In) which would make a great beach cover up and a twist on the traditional Afrikan top (Dashiki) which would look super cute paired with a tank & jeans.

The book provides lots of basic, well illustrated crochet instruction for beginners (including How to Read a Crochet Pattern), as well as a Color Inspirations & Theory section.

Although the patterns aren't all leaning towards my personal style, I could see my younger niece asking for some of the pieces. This is an excellent book to help motivate some young fashionistas in to picking up a hook and creating their own pieces!

About the Author: Afya Ibomu is an innovative crochet designer and entrepreneur. Her crocheted creations have adorned such Hip Hop/Soul artists as Erykah Badu, Common, Talib Kweli, dead prez, Eric Benet, Dwayne Wiggins (of Tony! Toni! Tone!), and Musiq.

CONTEST! In honor of the first officially published Lapdog Creations review, I am giving away a copy of this book! To enter, simply leave a comment here telling me what your favorite item is to crochet (make sure to leave a means of contact if your email does not automatically attach to your comment). Deadline to enter is Tuesday, June 24th at midnight. Winner will be selected by random number generator. Thank you to The Taunton Press for providing the book for review and giveaway.


SissySees said...

I guess it would be my new skill with motifs?? I find it highly ironic that your first review is for a crochet book!

Anonymous said...

That's cool N! So I have to admit that you have piqued my curiosity in this book. (Who says crocheting is only for Grandmas? hahaha) Since all I've crocheted to date is one newborn hat & edging on a baby blanket, I might actually get to expand my horizons in the crochet world if I win a copy! LoL If I don't, maybe I'll even consider buying it! LMAO

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your review. While I am still a struggling knitter, a beginner to the world of crochet, would learn from the book. I agree with your fashion comment. They are a bit minimalistic for me, although, the younger set could easily wear the creations. I look forward to your next review. In the meantime, I need to get cracking on the knitting.

AllyB said...

Hey Nichole! Nice review, the book sounds like lots of fun. I love crochet! My fav thing to make in that genre is hats, I can whip em up fast and they're always appreciated by the recipients. Looking forward to your next review.

JessieLynn Knits said...

Hey! Enjoyed the review. I pretty much enjoy crocheting hats and scarves. I also crochet a lot of dishcloths and hotpads, gotta love that granny-square!

You can contact me at jessicalynnroberts@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

OMG as a CROCHETER this is right up my ALLY!! (Sorry Ally lol)The author of this book is very simple in her directions which is good for beginners and LOVE all her photos (and this is a GREAT compliment to her HAT book too!!)

One of my all time favorite things to crochet is shawls fo my friends and family. It's something my Nonny taught me when I first started out with the hook and since LOVE doing it!! If I can't wrap someone in a shawl, then a close second is a blanket or scarf.

Great review though - Thanks N for doing it!!

Joanne said...

This is a nice touch...I agree with you, the styles remind me of Vickie Howell and her craziness!! Fun stuff but not my style. The best and fastest item to crochet is a blanket...two or three strands of yarn and a big hook....Heavenly soft, warm and quick!!!! Love it....What's next??

Alana said...

My all-time favorite thing to crochet has to be doilies! They have old fashioned charm, and I enjoy using them!

Anita said...

I liked your review! :)

Hmmm....crochet faves... probably afghans cause I like knitting sweaters & socks. And if I want a blanket, crochet is a much faster way to get it.

wildflower38 said...

Great review! With my limited crochet skills, my fav thing to crochet is potholders. I've only made potholders, squares and a little makeup case. I'm looking forward to more reviews :-) Take care

Kenyetta said...

I can't crochet! Drats!
My oldest likes to crochet tawashis and squares!

gypsyknits said...

Crochet........mmmmm...... I like to crochet doilies and afghans.
The book sounds like fun. I like your review.

Tee said...

I like to crochet hats, scarves, barefoot sandals, baby clothes, tank tops, pocket books, head wraps, ear warmers, earrings, and children slippers.

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