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REVIEW: GoKnit Pouch

GoKnit Pouch
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I received one each of the 3 sizes of GoKnit Pouches for review - small (pink), medium (camo) and large (turquoise) - and took this as an opportunity to get more than my own little one perspective on the item. Which means... I enlisted fellow multitasking knitter, and my good friend, Chan to assist in the review!

I put the small pink pouch to good use, and Chan kept busy dragging the medium camo pouch all around with her. While we were both a bit skeptical at all the buzz about these seemingly basic looking bags, and both confessed we'd already feel head over heels for other project bags, we knew we had to put these bags through the paces of our rigorous multitasking days...

GoKnit Pouches are made of a very lightweight material that reminded Chan of the parachute she played with in elementary school gym class, with just the right mix of slick and needle-poke resistant. We both quickly realized how useful this material is, as we're both multidog households. As any other crafty doggy-Mom out there will surely tell you, a means of keeping yarn clean, as hair free as possible (yes, we know this IS an oxymoron, but we try) and dry is important! Chan noted that her bag quickly survived the test when her puppy knocked it off the coffee table with her tail, and then proceeded to shove her nose in it. A damp paper towel removed the nose prints, and before Chan had tossed the towel in the trash, the bag was dry and happy! I had a similar incident when my baby girl decided she just had to lick Mom's knitting bag.

Chan trekked onward, taking the GoKnit Pouch along on a day trip in her husband's truck (the man's vehicle: yet another place many of us know we need to have our yarn protected in).


There, the bag proved invaluable and shall forever be "the truck project bag." The outside loop unsnapped to allow it to hang on the dash grab bar and the inside loop (to feed the yarn out) saved a lot time and kept the yarn clean as can be! Except when nearing the end of the cake of yarn and those inevitable tangles happened, she didn't need to reach inside and tend to the yarn.


At first the loops looked pretty ordinary to me (I was still trying to find out just what all the fuss about these bags was), but I quickly learned how much I like heart having the inside loop to feed the yarn out too! I've been housing my Cross Stitch scarf project in the GoKnit Pouch and the loop is doing wonders at keeping the Rowan Colourscape flowing nicely along as I knit. I haven't used the outer loop to attach to anything besides my beltloop just yet, but loved Chan's "truck bag" concept! This will be put in to use for me at Matt's racing on Sundays for sure, where in the past I've usually ended up dropping my project bag on the ground or having to prop it up on something that might get greasy.


Chan's next project has already moved right into the bag and she mentioned how great it is to have something that can travel to the firehouse without fear of soot and dirty man-hands. We both agreed that those two, very simple snap-loops are more user-friendly than some of the other alternatives out there. The inside of her camo bag is a little dark, but that's the only thing she could criticize. The bags are not lined (which would only add weight and bulk), so it's a fair trade to leave it unlined if you purchase one of the darker colors. I did not have a problem with the pink bag in this area and the turquoise is also on the lighter side.

Chan says that she can now see why some of her friends think this is the ONLY project bag that will do, and suspects she'll soon be purchasing at least one more GoKnit Pouch, in large for those baby blankets that don't like project bags. I myself will surely be using both the small and large size bags a lot - I can already think of many places (not just Matt's racing!) where keeping my project clean and in a spill proof bag will be key!

GoKnit_large_Tutsniff GoKnit_large_Tut

The large size has a longer draw string that you can actually sling over your shoulder, making it somewhat of a shoulder bag when on the go. And as you can clearly see, it passed the Teutul test as well!

We also both agree that while you can find a better price and even a prettier, more stylish bag, for functionality, GoKnit Pouches can't be beat!

Chan: Thanks Nic, for sharing this with me. I'm rather sure I wouldn't have given this line of bags a try, but the chance to use it won me over.

Nichole: Extra special thanks to Chan for guest reviewing - this was fun and I hope to do some more combined reviews with you in the future!


Natalie Rush said...

Nice, thanks for the reviews!! I've been reading your blog lately but have had very little time to comment. I'm working getting more commenting out there because I miss everyone!! I'll work on that and you keep up the great work of your reviews!!

Anita said...

glad to see you review these, I probably wouldn't have given them a second thought. :)

Turtle said...

such a cute review! i have so often looked and almost (almost) picked one up but was unsure of the fuss! Hmm, this sounds like a definate keeper for backpacking trips though! thnaks, lol (i get to spend $$)

SissySees said...

Thanks again, Nic. It was fun being a guest reviewer, and finding an unexpected "truck bag" was a tremendous plus!

Bubblesknits said...

Great review! Although, you're killing my credit card with all this stuff! LOL I'll be snagging a GoKnit pouch during my next trip to the yarn store.

Anonymous said...

Nice review - I can totally see the benefits of a "poke-resistant" knitting bag. I assume that it si claw resistant too. :D

Grace said...

wonderful review

gypsyknits said...

Nice review. I have had one of these bags for awhile .......now where is it hiding? Where ever it is, I'm sure it is housing a set of size one dpns that is needed for my next project:)

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