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REVIEW: Planet Dog

Planet Dog toys & collars
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This review may be considered a little bias by some, but I'll be the first to admit that I am a huge lover of all things Planet Dog! I have been a fan of their products and business style & philanthropy for many years and was thrilled to be able to review some of the products with my kids.

Of course, the toys were first to be tested out! We were sent a medium blue/brown Slobber-Wick Squeak Buddy, small pink Slobber-Wick Squeakless Buddy, a Squeaky Sport Tennis Ball and a Orbee-Tuff Recycle Ball. All of which were promptly snatched up and put to the true test...

Zeus_pdToy Sophie_pdToyd

I adore Planet Dog's new fast-drying, easy-cleaning Slobber-Wick Buddies! You can decide if you want the squeaky or the squeakless version and each comes in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of droolers. I love how these have been made with a gusset, which adds extra "chomp" to your dog's soft toy gnawing experience. So far, these Slobber-Wicks have stood up quite nicely to our 4 serious chompers... and not to mention, they are quite cute as well!



We've had various Orbee toys in our household before, including various bones and balls. When I learned how and why the Recycle Balls were made, I was even more proud to be a customer! As stated on the Planet Dog website, "Recyle. Reuse. Rewoof. What other toy company takes their leftover material and makes productive use of it? We don't know of any. Our Recycle Balls are made "regrind" - 100% 1st quality Orbee-Tuff material that would otherwise be discarded." How cool is that? The leftovers from producing other Orbee toys are saved and used to make this ball!


Besides wonderful - and tough! - dog toys, Planet Dog also makes some beautiful collars, harnesses and leashes. My Sophie has been sporting a lovely Cozy Hemp Harness for months (Lola also has a matching one, but only wears hers when we go out on day trips) and was excited to be granted an almost-matching collar!

The Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar is made from eco-friendly, naturally dyed pure hemp - one of nature's strongest fabrics. The collars are made with a nylon-reinforced plastic quick-release buckle for extra durability and have a super soft fleece lining to ensure optimal comfort for your furbaby - it's what you would wear if you were a dog! According to the product description, "you’ll find this collar will stand up to the more rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps and the occasional roll in the sand." I can attest to the harness, which Sophie wears 24/7, truly does stand up to everything... even her pesky sister, who managed to unbuckle it during an inside wrestling match, then proudly carried it around the house like a trophy!

The Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collars come in 3 sizes, Small (9 - 13" neck), Medium (12 - 19" neck) and Large (18 - 28" neck).

Since the purple versions sent to us for review weren't Sophie sized, she opted to go with the green... becoming a little purple & green machine...


Planet Dog is known for supporting adoption programs, which is always tops on my list. From their website, "As a values-based industry leader, we are compelled to help find these deserving animals loving forever homes. That’s why we’re working with The Humane Society of the United States, the world’s most respected animal welfare organization, in spearheading a national public awareness program called rescue. raise. love. adopt."


The Planet Dog Foundation is another wonderful extension of this remarkable, animal loving company. "The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends. "

I urge everyone to check out Planet Dog if you haven't already... this is truly a company where once a customer, you'll always be a customer!

CONTEST! Would you like to win a purple Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar, size Small (9 - 13" neck) for your furbaby? If so, just leave a comment here (be sure to include a means of contact if your comment doesn't automatically link to your email or blog) telling me who the lucky recipient would be of this super soft, chic collar should you win! Deadline to enter is Tuesday, Sept. 9th at midnight.

The winner of the Cool Crocheted Hats book from a previous review was drawn via random number generator... Congratulations Chan! Your book will be on its way shortly...


SissySees said...

Oh cool!!! Can't wait... I guess that means I should finish the crocheted hat I'm working on, huh?

And Sissy regrets that she can't wear a weeee purple collar, so don't bother entering her big ol' neck in that contest. She is always glad to hear about toys that withstand drool and tough chewing though!

Sue said...

Those collars and harnesses look comfortable with their soft fuzzy linings. I guess I'll have to check out Planet Dog for squeakless toys, too.

Unfortunately, all my dogs have big necks, so don't include us in the contest.

Claudia Bugh said...

Sounds like a great company - I'll keep them in mind.

Unfortunately Mr Puffy's neck is a tad too large for your collar.

vegasangelbrat said...

Congrats to Chan!! WTG!!!
Oh I think my Lady needs to test those squeeky chompers...lol I will deifnitely have to find a couple. She tears through those things quick and tries to get the squeeker and the stuffing out...lol

Dianne said...

Hmmm, it looks like we all have dogs with big necks! Don't enter me in the contest either - Emma, Tara and Cooper are all a tad larger than the collar! Planet Dog is one of our favorite websites here at BritKnitterville!

Paula said...

Oh I am a huge lover of all things Planet Dog too!
Yep, that is not biased just stating the facts you are!
Your fur babies are adorable in their new duds and playing with the new toys!

Kenyetta said...

The collars do look comfortable!
It's way toooo small for Diamond's neck but I think it will work with Snoop's! I measured 12".

Turtle said...

congrats to the hat book winner!

I love all the pics of the poochies and their new toys! i also love the idea behind the company's mission statement. Will have to go look over their site!

Yup, my old girl has a rather large neck as well, so can't play this round!!

Nicki said...

I think that will fit my little dog-you can include me in the contest

Criquette said...

I love Planet Dog's indestructable chewtoys, but haven't tried their collars, which look very comfy.

Would you please enter our foster pup, Scout, in the collar contest? She came to us wearing her tiny puppy collar, but she is growing so quickly, it's getting too tight! It would be nice to have a new collar to send her to her forever home. She'll probably end up between 7-9 pounds, so that should fit her into adulthood.(We haven't had inquiries yet, but did officially put her up for adoption this weekend.)

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