Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goobling up Finished Objects

After a nice long weekend, I was greeted at the front door on my way into the office this morning with some gooble-goobles...

Turkeys90208b Turkeys90208

The male was literally right in front of the door, all fluffed up and I felt like I was talking to my dogs when I blurted out "could you please move your butt from in front of the door?," just as the female came waddling over to him as if to say "hey stupid, move..." and they waddled out on to the grass to allow me to go in. Too funny! I'm guessing they are the same 2 that we had hanging around for a week back in March, only they're down one man....

I also had an email from my Mom this morning ... "are you okay? you haven't posted anything to your blog since Thursday!?!?" Yes Mother, I am okay... and yes, I am behind in blogging... oops! I guess I got a little lazy over the long weekend? Yesterday, in between starting to clean our oversized walk in junk closet sunroom and playing with the dogs, I got caught up in the all day marathon of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood... and if I didn't adore Tori before, I certainly do now. What a riot... and so truly a down to earth, real girl!

Over the 3 day weekend, I did not get the new stitch markers made that I had hoped to (new fall and Christmas themes), but I did get a bit of knitting done and photoed a bunch of things....

I've been in a no-brainer-knit and finish-it-up mode the past week, so I took my
Cross Stitch Scarf (sorry if you're not on Ravelry, but seriously now... if you're not, what the heck are you waiting for?) to Matt's racing on Sunday and got it finished!

GoKnit83108b GoKnit83108

Notice the
GoKnit pouch in action? Love it! I also love this pattern.... such an easy 2 row repeat, making for great mindless, on the go knitting. This is the 2nd one I've made and will certainly do more for gifts.

CrossStitch2b CrossStitch2c

For mine, I used one skein of Rowan Colourscape Chunky, which was wonderful to work with... beautiful colors, easy on the hands... My only complaint is that I accidentally broke the yarn about 3 times while knitting with it (it definitely has a lovely, handspun way about it). That might've been my own fault, but if you do knit with it, be careful.

Apparently, this scarf met Teutul's sniff of approval as well...


I have another FO to show you... although it was finished on August 2, I just got around to weaving in the ends and taking photos this weekend. Its the Virginia Shawl, which was done as part of the A Knitter's Garden KAL... except mine resulted in a Virginia SCARF.

Virginia Virginia_ZeusB

I used Mission Falls 1824 wool, which was a dream to work with... so soft and lovely... however, not the right drape for this project! Mine came out about 1/3 the size of blogless Cheryl's, which is absolutely gorgeous! After I hemmed and hawed, Joanne suggested that it would make a great neck wrap/scarf ... and she was right! It really is the perfect, soft wool for wrapping close to your skin! My big guy didn't even seem to mind modeling it for me!

Last night, still in finish-it-up mode, I began working the 3rd skein in to my Fallish One Row scarf. I will definitely have this one ready for the cool, crisp days that are beginning to come up on us. (no updated pic, sorry)

I put my Ravelympics project, the Offset Wraplan baby sweater, aside for a bit, but it is almost finished! Although I got discouraged when I had to rip back a nearly finished sleeve and didn't finish it for the deadline, I feel I accomplised my Ravelympic goals of knitting my first real sweater. I don't have a baby in mind for it just yet, but I picked up the cutest little pink elephant buttons for it last week.


I'm working on the Eyelet Chemo Cap from Knitting For Peace. I need to get this finished up so I can send it up with all the wonderful chemo hats that so many of you have graciously made and sent for the Chemo Cap Drive in honor of my Mom & Dad. I took photos of the hats yesterday and will post about them this week, as I just received another today and want to make sure I get them all in!


Hope everyone had a nice long weekend and I hope all of our friends in the South are safe after Gustav rolled through!


SissySees said...

Busy, busy! Love your 4-legged model and inspector.

Kathy R said...

Zeus is looking good in the Virginia scarf!

Anita said...

Wow, look at all those projects! Love the scarf & Zeus is looking cute modeling for you. :)
Gobble gobble! LOL

dogquilter said...

My goodness you have been a busy girl! Lovely projects and divine models! :)

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