Tuesday, October 28, 2008

REVIEW: Paco Collars

Paco Collar
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Paco Collars


Paco Collars specializes in high quality, custom made leather dog & cat collars, as well as leashes and matching human bracelets & belts. Founder Ana Poe was "adopted" by Paco, a beautiful pit bull who had a hard start to life, and out of that friendship & lasting bond, Paco Collars was born...


Here at Lapdog Creations, we received a gorgeous PBRC in brown for review. As you can see, even though the size is a bit tight for Zeus and loose for Lola, it is quite stunning (side note... we hope that Zeus slims down a touch to wear it proudly, as opposed to Lola beefing up)! Are you wondering just what PBRC stands for? No, its not some weird form of public broadcasting... this particular collar was designed for Pit Bull Rescue Central, which is just one of the wonderful organizations Paco Collars supports. $5 from the sale of every PBRC collar is donated to the organization! Kudos to Paco Collars!

Quality & chic comes with the need of some patience... Paco Collars are custom made for each and every order, so although you might have to wait a little while (typically 6 - 8 weeks from the time an order is placed), it will be well worth it when your pooch is the talk of the dog park! As if being the ultimate in doggy style isn't enough, Paco Collars come with a lifetime of free repair (there are some restrictions... if Fido is a chewer, they can't fix that, but anything resulting from product failure is surely covered).

There are so many cool and unique styles to choose from - from tough guy to urban cowboy to girly girl. I think my favorite is the Uba, which features some bad ass skull & crossbones! For a softer side, I also adore the Sybyl Lilly with its beautiful celtic heart design. I won't forget about the kitties - Paco Collars currently has 3 styles of cat collars to choose from. The humans aren't to be left out either... we can choose a belt or bracelet to match our 4-legged furbaby!

Have a special dog (or cat) mom (or dad) on your holiday list this year? Think about Paco Collars... or better yet, put them on your own wish list! And remember...

Happy dogs love Paco Collars!

PacoCollars_ZeusC PacoCollars_LolaD


SissySees said...

Beautiful. My boys wore rolled leather collars for years, until they needed harnesses in their old age. I don't see my girls wearing leather; it would certainly fit Sissy's wild woman image, but I'm pretty sure Gretchen would chew it off of her. (My boys did that to their first two or three leather collars!)

Turtle said...

very nice. got to go check them out.

Paula said...

That was a great review!
I love those collars! They look very sturdy too.
We have can't get leather collarss or leashes for Elise as she has a thing for chewing on leather stuffs hence the many belts, shoes and bags we have been through since her puppyhood!

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