Tuesday, April 07, 2009

REVIEW: Crocheted Wire Jewelry

Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs & Projects by Leading Artists
by Arline Fisch
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Lark Books (March 3, 2009)


Originally released in 2006 as a hardcover book, Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs & Projects by Leading Artists has now been re-released in a more pocketbook-friendly paperback edition. With the ever-growing popularity of crochet and jewelry making, it seems like perfect timing!

Crocheted Wire Jewelry covers the basics, including various wire types & sizes, tools, findings and basic crochet. The crochet stitches and techniques are clearly illustrated, which is especially helpful to beginners and those who opt to use some of the more advanced techniques. The author, who is touted as the world's foremost expert in adapting textile techniques for metal, really does take the art to an entirely new level. With her thorough overview of the basics, even beginners can make breathtaking wire jewelry.

Sixteen talented artists combine to bring you 29 beautiful projects as an introduction to crocheting with wire. Projects include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and brooches and have been separated into 6 main categories; Chain Stitch, Single Crochet, Crochet with Beads, Double Crochet, Hairpin Lace and Other Crochet Methods.

While I personally do not crochet, I can tell you that I love the look and I love jewelry! Some of my favorite projects from a pure "ooh and ahh" standpoint include...

Purple Haze Necklace - an elegant necklace made from 16 separate lengths of chain

Pinwheel Brooch - made from 4 separate squares which are then stitched together to form a pinwhell, this would make a lovely shawl pin

Silver & Hematite Beaded Necklace - made from 9 lengths of chain stitch and some beads, this is a simple number that can be dressed up or down

Round Spiral Brooch - a beautiful circular brooch crocheted with beads, would also make a fantastic shawl pin (note to my crocheting friends out there... this would be the item I'd pick from the book)

Amber & Crystal Bracelet - a sparkling little number, using various shapes and colors of beads

About the Author: Arline Fisch is an internationally known artist who applies the structures and techniques of fabrics to precious and non-precious metals, creating intricate, colourful jewellery by knitting, crocheting, plaiting and weaving. As a teacher and lecturer she has inspired countless artists all over the world. She is the author of the definitive book in the field, Textile Techniques in Metal.

CONTEST! I am going to give away this copy of Crocheted Wire Jewelry to one of you! To enter, simply leave a comment here telling me what your favorite review(s) of mine has been thusfar and if it influenced you to purchase that item (if your comment doesn't automatically link to your blog or email, please be sure to include a means of contact in case you win). Deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 14 at midnight. Winner will be selected by random number generator. Thank you to Lark Books for providing the book for review and giveaway.


Bubblesknits said...

The Signature Needle Arts review got me to finally break down and buy a set. Sooo nice. Just wish they weren't so darn expensive. lol

I've tried crocheting with wire before, but I think I'm using the wrong kind of wire. Or something.

SissySees said...

Ditto. I still want to order me some Signature Needles...

Of course, Sissy and Gretch vote for anything Planet Dog as their faves...

Barbara said...

I am really interested in this review. I have bought wire and beads and I have hooks and now to get brave enough to try wire crochet. This book sounds like a winner.

Turtle said...

it would be between a few of the xmas reviews on holiday dog gifts and the poochie bells (which the cat is starting to use to come inside!) BTW, sadly our pooch had a stroke early this morning and we had to let her go.

patmcaudel said...

Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs & Projects by Leading Artists
by Arline Fisch
This is the review that moved me. Arline Fisch's work has fascinated me for years. so when i started i had dreams. i still haven't tried to do some of the more outstanding pieces, mine have all fallen in the art/but you can wear it catagory. i use focal beads of Mavis Smith, and create small "dramas" that tell a short story, a mermaid in a waterfall, with a small fish (with really big lips, thank you very much) in a lower corner, in some sea grass. and a frog. i love doing amulet bags but am doing more neckpieces, for bridal. my dream, to do artistic....just to see where it would take me.

pat moses-caudel

Ellen said...

I've also tried to crochet with wire and decided that I have used the wrong wire. This book looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your very kind words about this gorgeous book. I am hoping it will have a long and happy life in paperback. Your glowing review will certainly help.

Much Gratitude,

Marthe Le Van

Jewelry Editor, Lark Books

Holly said...

This review is fabulous! I absolutely am enamored with this technique and will be getting this book either way! Love it!!

Holly said...

This review is fabulous. I love the ideas represented and I will be getting this book either way. LOVE IT!

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