Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2yo SWM Looking for a Loving Home

Here he is.... meet Sully, the loveable 2 year old Brittany gentleman that we helped transport to his foster home on Sunday. Be sure to check out his Petfinder page!

Sully_11710e Sully_11710

We had the second to last leg of his 2 day journey (the last one was actually his foster Mom taking him home), so Sully was a bit tired by the time he reached us. That didn't stop his curiosity however... he really enjoyed riding and watching out the window.

Sully_11710i Sully_11710c

Sully, ready for his close up... has he stolen your heart yet?

Sully_11710g Sully_11710f

He's a wonderful boy looking for his forever home, so if you know anyone interested please pass his information along to them.

Today was another snow day here... Thankfully the drive wasn't like yesterday, but it did snow all day... Hard to believe it was 50 degrees this past Saturday!

Snow_drive11910 Snow_drive11910b


Will said...

That is one beautiful dog! Hope he finds his loving forever home soon.

Happy WW! Must be a theme this week as this is the 3rd WW with a dog photo I have visited and mine is of our two guy this week too.

Kathy R said...

He's beautiful. I hope he finds his home quickly.

Dianne said...

Oh, what a handsome boy. Lets hope he finds his forever home very soon. You're wonderful to help him along the way!

SissySees said...

He's darling. I'm glad we couldn't help with the transport, because I would have wanted to keep him!

Marjie said...

He's a very pretty dog indeed. Sorry the snow has come back at you; we have escaped it so far this week.

Sue said...

What a sweet boy. These transports are a wonderful thing, a safe and relatively non-stressful way for them to get to their new homes. You did good.

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