Thursday, May 13, 2010

REVIEW: Classy Canine Insect Shield

Classy Canine Insect Shield
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With summer's outdoor activities quickly filling up your calendar, it's time to think about insect protection - for you and your best friend! Keep the bugs at bay in style with a Classy Canine Insect Shield bandana! Simply tie the odorless bandana around your dog's neck and keep her protected without any harsh toxins.

Just what is Insect Shield you ask? Their apparel and gear are revolutionary products designed to provide long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection - the result of years of research and testing. Insect Shield apparel and gear products combine their patent-pending process with a proprietary formulation of the insect repellent permethrin resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of a garment.


While it looks like any ordinary banada, it's not. Insect Shield pet gear has been proven and EPA registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies — including many species that can carry dangerous diseases. The Classy Canine Insect Shield bandana is available in one size, 22" square, is 100% cotton and machine washable.

Insect Shield uses a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain chrysanthemums. This treatment will last through 70 normal washings (do not dry clean). Insect Shield items are EPA registered and completely safe to be worn by pets, as well as infants, children and pregnant or nursing women. The protection is completely invisible and odorless and it bonds to the fabric.


Insect Shield require no re-application, has no potential for over-use, is not harmful to eyes and rates a Category IV ("none required") on the EPA Toxicity for Consumer Labeling - as opposed to most insect repellents which fall into either Category II ("warning") or Category III ("caution").

By protecting your pooch from pesky insects, you safeguard not only your pet’s well being and quality of life, but your own health as well. Add a Classy Canine Insect Shield bandana to your dog's wardobe this summer and have confidence in knowing she is safe and protected!


Edited to Add Special Offer: Spring is here and so are the bugs! Our friends at Insect Shield are offering FREE Insect Shield bandanas for a limited time. To redeem simply go to and click on the “Like” button. Then email your mailing details to


SissySees said...

Does it really work though? If so, I want to order two ASAP!!!

gMarie said...

Very interesting. I will look forward to hearing how well it works when the dogs are outside this summer. g

Sue said...

They'll be great for bandana day! If they work I'd tie one on my belt and maybe keep the pesky bugs off me, too.

Janet said...

Sounds interesting and definitely worth looking into.

Marjie said...

So, did they send you one or four? Gotta keep all of those kids safe from pesky insects, after all!

moevans said...

These sound too good to be true! If they work, I'll need to get some quickly. Before our next camping trip!

AllyB said...

I think LittleDog would look great in that red scarf, don't you? LOL

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