Monday, July 19, 2010

REVIEW: Zuke's Dog Treats

Zuke's Dog Treats
Where to Find: Zuke's


Zuke's Natural Dog & Cat Treats have been one of my favorite makers of treats for the Lapdogs for years, so we were all very excited to receive a big box of products for review!  Made in the USA with no wheat, corn or soy and with high quality meats, fresh fruits & veggies and whole grains, I couldn't be more pleased and happier to feed Zuke's to my furbabies! 

Zukes_Tut_hat_510 Zukes_Zeus_hat_510b

Based out of Durango, CO, Zuke's stands for not only fresh, natural, performance-driven pet nutrition, but also sustanability of our planet.  Their boxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard with 100% wind energy; They pay their employees to leave their cars at home and ride bikes or scooters to work; The offices are powered by 100% green electricity!  Even better, Zuke's also gives back!  A portion of every sale is donated to The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund.

Zukes_Zeus_510 Zukes_Tut_510b

The Lapdogs received quite a variety of treats to review, including two that they are very accustomed to, Hip Action (Beef) and Jerky Naturals (Lamb).  Both have been favorites in our house for quite some time.  They were thrilled to get to review many other varities for you however, including Mini Naturals (Chicken; Peanut Butter), Power Bones (Chicken; Peanut Butter)Z-Filets (Beef; Chicken), Mini Bakes (Chicken 'n Cherryz; Peanut Butter 'n Blueberryz) and Organic Superfood Biscuits (Verry Berryz; Health Nutz). 

Superfoods aren't just for people anymore!  With Zuke's debut of Organic Superfood Biscuits, your pack can now benefit from ultra-healthy nutrients, like antioxidants and Omega-3's that are packed into a delicious treat that dogs love - including all four Lapdog taste-testers!  They had the pleasure of devouring both the Verry Berryz and Health Nutz varieties and sat, begging for more. 


Teutul showing his love for Power Bones, a dog's answer to power bars.  Designed for dogs who need an extra boost during strenuous activity, these are an excellent treat to use during agility, flyball or hiking with your pooch.


Lola took time to survey all of the packages before deciding which one to steal.  She choose the Jerky Naturals, a healthy and savory alternative to dry dog biscuits.  They are perfect for the diva who's watching her figure too... just 17 calories per piece!
Zukes_Lola_510 Zukes_Lola_510b

Every single treat has received their official 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval! I'm still wiping up the drool from the Z-Filets, which were the biggest hit of all the treats.  A high protein dog snack made from pure meat, Z-Filets support strength, health and vitality.  They come in a medium to large dog size strip, but can easily be broken into smaller pieces. 

The Lapdogs and I would certainly recommend any and all Zuke's dog treats.  From soft treats to biscuits and itty bitty bites to larger sizes, there is surely something for every dog out there!   

CONTEST! Are you and your dog ready to win some great Zuke's items?  We are giving away 1 package of Mini Naturuals (Peanut Butter), 1 box of Very Berryz biscuits and 2 packages of Jerky Naturals (Lamb), as well as the cute Zuke's trucker hat you see above, modeled by my boys. 

I will divide the prizes among two winners if there are less than 15 comments... however if there are over 15 comments, we'll choose four winners!

To enter, you must Follow This Blog publicly (if you don't follow already, see "Followers" on the right hand side bar and click through), then leave a comment here telling me what your dog's favorite treat is.  Please also tell me if there is any item from the giveaway list that you would not want to win (this way you won't win something your dog might be allergic to).  To get an extra entry, send your friends here to enter and be sure to have them mention your name. Winners will be selected by random number generator and must be a follower of Lapdog Creations in order to win. Deadline for entries is Monday, July 26 at midnight. So get those referrals coming in ... blog, Tweet, Facebook and text away!

Zeus says "YOU can win this hat... please win this hat!"
Zukes_Zeus_hat_510c Zukes_Zeus_hat_510d


pam said...

Always good to find new sources of quality treats. And I used to like in Durango so am happy to support a hometown company.

The pups have yet to find something they won't eat so it's all fair game!

Bobo and Meja and Mommy

Marjie said...

Aw, you're giving away the hat? The kids are loving that hat!

Sue said...

Well, we've been followers forever, so that's one down. We also love Zukes in our house. We first discovered them when Fudge received some for a graduation present. They're great training incentives. We especially like the berry ones. Mom thinks they help our brains.

Fudge likes that hat, too. He's into hats.

Anonymous said...

Daizzy loves the mini naturals. Mom says they are perfect training treats. She hasn't ventured into Z-Filet's and from the sound of it, she'll love those too!

AllyB said...

Those pictures of Zeus in that hat remind me of George Jones...I have no idea why...they just do.

Robin said...

I am already a follower and Rudy LOVES Zukes...there are too many to say which is his favorite, so he'll take anything his momma wins...if she wins! He's keeping his paws crossed!

Anonymous said...

I love the hats. Not sure how long they would stay on. The treats sound yummy. When giving the dogs treats, I feel it is important to give them healthy treats. Afterall, they are this household's children. My daughter and I live together, but she doesn't count. LOL. Keep testing those products.

silfert said...

That is one cool hat! The model ain't half bad looking, either! ;) My folks' two beasties enjoy anything they're offered, but I remember that my own Rufus LOVED peanut butter. It's good to know that there are companies out there that take so much into account when they create a product...

SissySees said...

LOL... what a good boy Zeus is, but he doesn't seem to enjoy the hat, does he?

Since you're so familiar with Sissy's no-meat, no corn restrictions, I'm sure my girls would most like ANY and all of the varieties that fit that criteria. I'm sure Sue told me there are Zukes formulas that fit the bill, but we haven't seen any locally yet.

moevans said...

I'm a follower! Tawny and Rava have never had Zuke's treats before. I am on the lookout for good treats because Tawny has been having some pancreatitis attacks lately that have really taken their toll on her. Our vet recommends only natural foods for her.

I'm also very impressed to hear that the company donates to an animal cancer fund. We lost two precious kitties to cancer a few years ago.

I hope we are winners, but if not, at least we now know about these fantastic treats! I'm looking forward to sharing them with the ladies (if I can find them here)!

Jen said...

I (and the dogs) love Zuke's mini Naturals. I have 2 giant schnauzers and these treats are the prefect size and texture for training. I actually just bought another large bag this morning.

Anonymous said...

Wooo Wooo I LOOOOVE Zukes!! I usually get the mini naturals because Mommy says they are a great training treat size, nice and small!! And when she needs to she even cuts THOSE up! Talk about working for nothing!! BOL Sometimes if I use my pleading cute brown puppy eyes she gives me the jerky squares, but she cuts those up too!!! I think I should go dig a hole and bury those scissors! hehehehe I sure think those CHICKEN FILLETS sound mighty delish!! Oh Boy this might be one of the tastiest contests around!!!

Drool... I mean...Licks,

PeeS: Tell your models, they look mighty good in their hat!!

Unknown said...

WoW!! my dog Tank loves ZUKES jerky and biscuits. He trains with them, he has them as treats and as rewards. He is a good dog!! I have found out he doesnt like the milkbone or and other fake products. he does like veggies. veggies and zukes are the only things that seem to be eaten in his Kong. we love the Zukes but trying to find the z filets.

Maligatoah said...

My Malinois Toah loves Mini naturals and Power Bones. Especially Salmon and beef ones. Thanks to Power Bones, she could once won the 2nd place in the USDDN world finals.
I also love the veeeeeeeeery cute Zuke's trucker hat!!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh & Shasta would love anything with chicken or lamb and they love all kinds of veggies or berries and of course, peanut butter or cheese - oh wait - they are Beagles - they love to eat but those are their favs. Are you sure it would be fair to take away the hat from Zeus - he does look like he is pretty attached to it. Oh, and we are already followers - publicaly.

WonderWhyGal said...

All I've ever give my miniature schnauzers is Iams. They don't get a lot of treats because we have kids who tend to let people food fall on the floor.

The Zuke's dog treats look yummy.


SweetPea43 said...

We love Zukes! We get them at Petco and they are our favorite training treat! Yummy! We like the lamb, chicken, and especially the peanut butter. The salmon is ok too.

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