Monday, August 02, 2010

B-I-N-G-O... and Bingo was his name-o

Dear Weekend.... where did you go so fast?  Seriously, I think I blinked and poof, it was Monday morning.  

I might not have gotten to photograph the review items as planned, nor to that knitting I wanted to do, but we did have a fun-filled start to our weekend with a sweet six year old Springer Spaniel named Bingo!

38286_417677044333_707004333_4391035_1187299_n Bingo_73110d

Bingo came up on Saturday to his forever home in MA, however his adopters weren't able to meet the transport in the morning so we volunteered to foster the cutie for about 4 1/2 hours...

Bingo_73110e Bingo_Sophie_73110b

Talk about a ball full of energy!  Bingo loves to play fetch.  In fact, he'll play fetch for as long as longer than you can stand it!  He'll set that ball right in your lap or hand when he brings it back... just watch out, it might be wet!  He has an interesting game of taking the ball over to the water bowl and tossing it in before bringing it back to you!  Look closely at the photo on the right below... see the round circles?  Easily made from a bouncing wet ball!  He also found the squeaky fishy (in his mouth) in our kids' toy basket that he loved so much, we sent him home with it!  He carried it to the car all by himself when he went with his new Dad too!

Bingo_Matt_73110 Bingo_73110c

Bingo was unusually camera shy though... I'm not sure if it is the sound or flash that he doesn't like, but he would promptly turn his back to me or go into the other room if he noticed the camera.  Getting some cute shots took a little creativeness on my part.  Lola coulnd't figure out why he wouldn't pose with her...
Bingo_Lola_73110 Bingo_73110b

Zeus did his best poses and big smiles for the camera.  "Mom, Iz dun undahstandz why dis lil dude won't sitz and lookz at ur flashy-thingy wit mehz!"

Bingo_Zeus_73110 Bingo_Zeus_73110d

"Realyzz Mom... whaz IZ wrong wit him?"


The Lapdogs all had fun with their houseguest, but were glad to see the ball-of-energy move on.  After all, he really made them look l-a-z-y!  I actually managed this picture of all five dogs in one shot...

Bingo_ZeusSophieTutLola_73110 Bingo_Sophie_73110c

Since we can't really foster for real right now, this was a great way to help out!  We'll actually be picking up another dog from transport next weekend.  Her name is Izzie and she needed a place to crash overnight until her adoptive family can pick her up on Sunday.  We're just doing the pick up and friends of ours will take care of her overnight.

Bingo_Nic_73110 Bingo_Matt_73110c

It was a pleasure to entertain Bingo for the morning on Saturday.  He truly is a great boy and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful life with his new forever family!


Kathy R said...

Bingo looks like a great pup who will make his new family very happy.

Sue said...

What a pretty dog. It's good to let everyone know that there are many ways to help animals that need it. Even if you can't foster, there are lots of other ways, transport, pick up and delivery, overnites, or just puppy sit for a few hours.

SissySees said...

What a doll! I know he's settling in happily with his forever family. I hope they both (all?) have strong arms for lots and lots of fetch!

Dianne said...

What a sweetie!!!! So nice of your gang to give him the fishie as a party favor!

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