Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!

Bacon?  I smile for Bacon!
Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Reasons to Love Bacon.  Well... really now, who doesn't love bacon?  But just because I just uploaded 101 photos to Flickr in case bacon doesn't hold your attention, I'll scatter in some dog photos.

1. Scallops wrapped in bacon - Seriously, what better finger food can you think of?

2. Bacon and Eggs - especially on a lazy weekend morning, lounging at home
Bacon & Eggs?  Yes, please!

BLT... hold the L & T!

3. BLT Sandwiches - so simple, so delish! 

4. Wild Boar Bacon - mmmm... some of the best bacon I've ever tried!
Boar?  Can I chase it?
Turkey Bacon? LOL

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon...
5. Bacon Cheeseburgers - What's a burger without both?

6. Pasta Carbonara - Pasta. Bacon. Cheese.  A nice trio!

7. Cobb Salad - because sometimes we should try to be a little healthy when enjoying our bacon.

8. Turkey Bacon  - see above

All this bacon makes me thirsty
9. Thick Cut Bacon - because sometimes we don't want to eat a healthy breakfast

10. Bacon Wrapped, Maple Glazed Filet - From our local steakhouse.  It even comes with a bacon wrapped scallop on top... you can't get much better than this!  Amazing!


Marjie said...

1. It's bacon
2. It's bacon.
3. It's bacon.
4. It's bacon.
5. It's bacon.

I could continue, but you see all the reasons I love bacon, right?

Sue said...

We love bacon here, too, but Morgan loves it more than anyone. She actually had a bacon addiction last year that we had to help her kick. She still gets a piece now and then.

Laurie said...

Love your dog pictures with the bacon captions. Dogs and bacon have a special affinity, don't they? ;-)

Strickmuse said...

The dogs just made me laugh. Nothing better than bacon for them.

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

We Love Bacon here also, but our tummies don't love it to much! So Mom says No Bacon for us Doggies!

Sirahal said...

My mother recently told me about this really weird bacon store. I cant' remember what it was called, but apparently they sold really odd objects (like bandaids) made out of edible bacon.

While the idea of a store selling that much bacon appeals immensely.... I have to say, some of those products would probably put me off a bit x.x

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