Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10 Things to Love About Fall

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic seems to be tailor-made for me!  It's 10 Things to Love About Fall.  Seriously, what's not to love about fall?!?!?!

1. It's FALL - My favorite season of all!
100_5662  FrontTree_102107

2. October - My favorite month of all.  The weather is superb, there's a long weekend in the mix, Halloween is fun and my Mom, Teutul & I get to celebrate birthdays.


3. Foliage  - Nothing beats New England foliage. 

HotAirBalloon_102008_Zeus Leaves_101608

4. Pumpkins - They're a great decoration, but taste even better... coffee, ice cream, pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, pancakes, donuts....

Lola_10510 AK9C_falldisplay

5. Knitting - While I do knit year-round, fall gets me in the mood to get those needles clicking faster and wrap the ones I love in hand-knits...

Lola_OneRowScarf_908c nathaniel_closeup

6. Festivals/Farm Stands/Apple Orchards/Corn Mazes - What better way to spend a crisp fall day outside?

JF_farmstand 100_5663

7. Socks - Fall is the official start of hand-knit sock weather! 

100209 TutFootsies

8. Football Season - I love football, especially my Patriots! 

Sophie_football_50509 Lola_football

9. Comfort Food - Soups, stews, roasts..... yum-o!  What better way to spend a rainy fall Sunday than inside watching football with the ones you love and something delish in the crock pot? 

10. Cuddly Dogs - Cooler temps definitely make for cuddlier lapdogs.  They love to cuddle while we're watching TV and if they fall in the right spot (or take over their Daddy's shoulder as the girls demonstrate below), I can usually get some knitting in as well. 
Sophie_Sleepy_110208 Lola_32410

I could go on and on with more things to love about fall, but I'll stop at 10 and leave you with a couple of old Halloween photos...

Sophie_trickortreatBACK Devil_Dog_10_02


SissySees said...

Happy almost birthday to you... I'm loving the cool weather and those doggy photos!

Marjie said...

You're an October birthday too? Cool! And Mark was very excited about the Patriots game last night, too. Great pictures.

jen said...

Great pictures!!!
Fall is our favorite season for many of the same reasons:)

Peggy Frezon said...

Those are great things to love about fall! Especially cuddly dogs. I'm an New Englander too, although transplanted to NY.

Corbin said...

Fall is our favorite too!

Grace said...

Fall is definitely the best!!

Unknown said...

Aw, those dogs are too cute!

Strickmuse said...

I love your dogs - they are so photogenic. ;-)
Yeah, comfort food. Love it.
Thanks for your comment on my post.

Connie said...

The BEST people are born in October! I agree: Fall is the best.

Dianne said...

LOVE the cuddly pups photos!!!

Cat said...

I love this post - great photos. I am a big fall-girl too... I can't wait for our leaves to turn, however they may just go from semi-green to brown due to the lack of water this past summer. You'll just have to post more photos so I can live vicariously! And Happy Birthday month - both of my parents were born in October : )

Sue said...

Love the cuddle dogs. Our foliage is brown and crunchy this year. Yours is beautiful.

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Fall is my favourite season too. You've inspired me to make my own top 10 fab fall list. Beautiful pictures.

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