Thursday, October 21, 2010


Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Our Mama is swearing up a storm about how the fairies didn't come and take care of her work while she was away playing catch-up from vacation and is super swamped at work, so we just wanted to share some news about Lola.  She was picked to SMILE over on this week... check her out (hint: everyone is in alphabetical order)!

And now, a few photos of our good-doggy-selves...

Zeus the Moose
Zeus exploring the great outdoors

Lola showing her profile

Lola lounging



Sophie on the hunt for bunnies
Sophie wishing for something...

Teutul looking as neurotic as the puppy on his name tag


Pooch said...

Awwww, c'mon...we're all a little neurotic, aren't we???


SissySees said...

Welcome back! I know they were glad to see you.

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Sorry that the Fairies didn't do what they were suppose to while you were away. It is always so hard getting back into the grove of things after vacation. I bet the puppies missed you!

Marjie said...

The Fairies never show up here, either. If your momma finds them, tell her I'll happily pay for their number!

Janet said...

Sweet, sweet faces! Congratulations to Lola - she has a great smile.

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