Sunday, November 07, 2010

REVIEW: Casey Jones Bones Pumpkin Treats

Casey Jones Bones Pumpkin Treats
Where to Find: The Dog Bonery
CJB_1010 CJB_1010b

Pumpkins are a big part of fall in New England, especially in the Lapdog household.  We love everything pumpkin ... pie, ice cream, coffee, pancakes, muffins, cheesecake and Casey Jones Bones

Zeus does tricks for CJB

Casey Jones Bones are made with only the best, all natural ingredients in the scenic Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Everything you find in Casey Jones Bones is something that you will find in your very own kitchen - nothing artificial and no preservatives.  The pumpkin treats are available in both a regular recipe, as well as a wheat free recipe for dogs that may have a wheat allergy.    
  • The regular Pumpkin Treats are made with white flour, whole wheat flour, pumpkin, water, rolled oats, eggs, New Hampshire maple syrup, vegetable oil, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Lola says Gimme!

The Wheat Free Pumpkin Treats are made with rye flour, pumpkin, rolled oats, water, New Hampshire maple syrup, vegetable oil, cinnamon and nutmeg

Sophie says Ahhh....

Not only will your dog be drooling over them, but you just might as well - they smell like pumpkin pie!  Even better, you'll feel good about giving Casey Jones Bones to your pack - I know I do!

Casey Jones Bones have already received the Lapdogs official 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval earlier this year and the pumpkin treats are no exception.  The Lapdogs love them and have been begging for more!

CJB_zeus_1010 CJB_tut_1010

Sophie has a crush on Casey Jones!
Casey Jones is a real dog who lends both his namesake and likeness to these fabulous treats.  He loves to run in the fields of New Hampshire, hike the trails of the White Mountains, ride in the car and relax on his favorite bed. If you're in the Granite State and happen to see a big yellow, jolly dog running in a field or hiking a trail, stop and ask if it's Casey Jones... you just might have a celebrity sighting on your hands!

Tut is concentrating...
Casey Jones was once again nice enough to share a treat to make the humans smile as well... 20% off your entire order! Simply hop on over to their website, select your items and during the check-out process, enter Lapdog in the coupon code field and you will receive 20% off your entire order!  So what are you waiting for... order some Casey Jones Bones for your favorite pooch now... they make great holiday gifts!

Zeus says these CJB are his - please ask Santa for your own!


Brian's Home Blog said...

Sounds like a nice gift for our woofie friends!

Anonymous said...

Great review!

jen said...

Those sound and look mighty tastey:)
I love the name:)

SissySees said...

Yummy! We're over-run with noms at the moment, but I'll have to keep these in mind...

Anonymous said...

Great review. Pumpkin is nutritious.

Dianne said...

My gang is drooling over this post!!!

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