Monday, November 01, 2010

REVIEW: Tom Bihn Little Swift

Tom Bihn: Little Swift
Where To Find: Tom Bihn

Little Swift in Vulcana Hemp/Recycled Rubber
I knew I had found the perfect knitting bag for an on-the-go, multitasking doggy mom when I reviewed the Swift bag earlier this year.  It's the perfect size for toting around all of your purse stuff, plus a couple of knitting projects, magazines, water bottle, book and treats (both human and dog).  However, there are those days when all you really need to carry is something purse-size.  Problem being is that most purses aren't project friendly... cue the Little Swift
(l-r) Swift in Cork, Little Swift in Hemp
 The Little Swift is a smaller version of The Swift from Tom Bihn, which was originally designed for knitters and crafty types by Tom in collaboration with the readers of Knitty Magazine. Apparently many of the women who work at Tom Bihn carry Swifts and Tom noticed they - like me - didn't always need such a large bag.. On some days, a smaller version would be best... and the Little Swift was born.

Like the Swift, the Little Swift is a highly organized, stylish machine!  Inside you'll find 2 clear zippered Urethane pockets backed with a soft Dyneema/nylon ripstop fabric. Above one of these pockets is a handy "o-ring" with a key snap attached - you won't waste time searching for the car keys the next time you have to run out the door for another skein of yarn!  Two more "o-rings" are included, one on each end of the interior, designed to allow you to easily clip the included Small Stuff Sack to either side. You can also use them to clip in any of the additional accessories that you may purchase, including an extra Yarn Stuff Sack or Clear, Padded, or Cork Organizer Pouches.

SwiftReview2_1010dThe Little Swift is just as comfortable to carry as it's larger sister, with handles made from the highest-quality Poron foam padding. They are an ideal length for tossing over your shoulder or carrying in hand. A button closure secures the top of the bag with three different fastening points.

The Vulcana Hemp/Recycled Rubber material is new and exclusive to the Swift.  It is made in the USA from post-consumer recycled tires with a bonded overlay of sustainable hemp - yes, the bag is officially Green. The result is a fabric that is the perfect marriage between durable and delicate, not to mention quite unique. You may notice the slightest bit of rubber smell when you first open the package, but that fades faster than you can cast on your next project. If you are concerned, Tom Bihn will gladly send you a swatch sample to smell for yourself before ordering.

The official verdict? I'm still in love with my Swift and now love it's mini-me just as much! The Little Swift is the perfect size bag when you don't need quite as much stuff, but still want to have all of your essentials, as well as a knitting project.  In addition, it is Made in The USA and environmentally friendly.  Plus, I'll point out once again that both Tom and his Vice President, Darcy Gray have rescued shelter dogs... icing on the cake!  You won't be disappointed whether you choose the Swift or the Little Swift... and it's just about that time of year when Mama has an excuse to ask Santa for a new bag!



SissySees said...

Good that you got a small one too. Is that your new daily bag?

Brian's Home Blog said...

I think I could lay on that quite nicely! Great review!!!

Marjie said...

Dog friendly in so many ways! I carry a small purse so I won't be tempted to carry tons of stuff, and I had to borrow a big one from my college daughter to tote my camera to the circus. It was so big I just dropped my whole purse plus the camera in there. If I carried needlework, Tom Bihn's creations look just about perfect!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Very Nice. Thanks for sharing n great review. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

moevans said...

Oh, swoon! I think I have found the item for my Christmas list!

Buy WoW Mage said...

not only convenient, it also looks good.:D

Cat said...

ooohhh, aaahhh ... I want one! I am such a bag-hoe!

Sue said...

They're nice looking bags.

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