Friday, June 24, 2011

Cranking the Wheel

Happy Friday!  It's been raining here since Wednesday and it looks like it'll rain at least through tomorrow, but at least it's Friday, right? 

Racing was rained out last night, but we've had a busy week as far as coverage goes.  Matt had two post-race interviews on Sunday after the race at NHMS and the results are in!  He made the front page of the Sports section of the Union Leader on Monday.  You might note that they mis-captioned the photo, as that is Matt posing with his car (not a motorcycle racer) and the "his girlfriend crew chief" tag I got.  The second interview was for a driver video profile on the NHMS website, which you can check out here.  It was his first on camera interview and he was caught a little off guard, but all in all I think it is a great feature!  And yes, he really did say - on camera mind you - that every time he thinks he doesn't want to race anymore, I convince him that he has to race MORE!!  I think he blew my cover a little bit with that one... oops.

I'll leave you with some more racing photos today.  These shots are from our first two trips to Unity Raceway in Maine. 

May 28th race...

Pits_52811f DriversMtg_52811

LinedUp_52811b PreRace_52811c

These three shots of us are courtesy of Chris Roy

DSC_6592[1] DSC_6613[1]


We were back at Unity on June 4th and it was our first truly sunny race day of the season, albeit a tad bit dusty in the pit area...


Unity_Pits_6411e 8_Unity_6411c

Unity_Pits_6411c Feature_Unity_6411d

Unity_6411d 81_Unity_6411c

2_Unity_6411b 33_Unity_6411

Heat_Unity_6411c Unity_6411f

So, are you bored with racing photos yet?  I hope not... but I do promise some knitting as soon as I find the mojo time!  We have quite a few reviews coming up too - both dog and knitting related.  This is the first weekend we haven't had a race or something to attend in a long time and what do we do?  Sign up to take in not one, but two foster pups!  Details (and of course photos) to come... Enjoy your weekend!


jen said...

It's been raining here too for days!

Great racing pictures! I will never tire of these:)

Sue said...

I watched the interview. Nice little plug for Lapdog Creations!

Hope it dries up soon.

SissySees said...

Great photos and kudos to you and Matt! Race on...

Marjie said...

We've had some hellacious thunderstorms here for the past 3 days. Supposed to clear up tomorrow; fingers and paws crossed!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Cool pics.

WonderWhyGal said...

Great photos! I'm not a race fan but I almost want to watch a race now.

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