Thursday, April 12, 2012

Too Much Sake Makes You....

... DIzzy!  You may recall that we were taking little Sake to meet possible adopters on Friday.  Well... they fell for her, she fell for them, everyone had a grand 'ole time watching her romp at the dog park and instead of getting dizzy, she became Izzy! 

Sake_4812c Sake_4312

It's still hard to believe the sweet little girl was with us for a full month before she found her forever home.  If we didn't already have 4 dogs, we definitely would have kept her!  In fact, I might have even toyed with 5 dogs for a short moment... after all Izzy would've made a great little flyball or dock dog girl! 

Sake_31112 Sake_31112e

Her personality is truly one in a million, and she's a smart little cookie!  At the ripe 'ole age of 3 months, she was a major league fetch player! As long as you'll throw a ball, she'll bring it back and drop it right in your hand - my lapdogs don't even do that!  She's outgoing and independent, yet loves to snuggle... and she loves everyone and everything!  In fact, she's so eager to please, she'll instantly submit to any dog... even when playing (I really should have gotten a video of her submitting and scooting across the floor all at the same time while playing with the lapdogs). 

Sake_31812e Sake_31812d

We taught Izzy all about racing and hockey while she was here and she became an honorary Crew Dog...


Izzy quickly bonded with all of her big foster siblings.  Sophie loved having another buddy to play with and only seemed to slightly mind Izzy's obsession with chewing on her ears.

Sake_Sophie_31012 Sake_Sophie_31612b
Sake_Sophie_31012c Sake_Sophie_31812

Chillin' with foster Mama Lola... and playing with the best free toy ever!  We got this frisbee at an event the day before Izzy went to her forever home and she thought it was the. best. thing. ever!

Sake_Lola_32912 Sake_Lola_4212
Sake_Lola_4812b Sake_Lola_4812d

Like most of our fosters, little Izzy was infatuated with Zeus...

Sake_Zeus_31112b Sake_Zeus_31312
Sake_Zeus_33112 Sake_Zeus_32812

Hanging with big foster brother Tut...

Sake_Tut_31012 Sake_Tut_31112
Sake_Tut_31012d Sake_Tut_31812

Of course we all miss Izzy, but we couldn't be happier with the forever home she landed!  I'll be the first to admit that I'm extra picky with the homes my foster babies end up in and I have to say, this one is perfect for her.  They're a 20-something couple who were eager to spoil love her!  Mom is a teacher, which means she'll be home with Izzy all summer and Dad has a flexible schedule.  Being the social butterfly that she is, I was a little worried Izzy wouldn't have a furry sibling to wrestle with, but there are other dogs amongst their circle of family and friends to keep her entertained... and Lola is eager to meet up with Izzy for some dog park play dates soon as well!

Nic_Sake_4712b Matt_Sake_4712f
Nic_Sake_4712c Matt_Sake_31012d

Izzy's new new Mom & Dad picked her up on Easter Sunday morning.  I think she was just as excited to see them as they were to see her, which made my heart smile!  Don't you love her new Lupine harness?  It was a little big, but I'll bet she'll be filling it out in no time at all.  We can clearly see how much she grew in the 4 weeks she was here...

Sake_4812j Sake_4812i

I'm happy to hear that Izzy is doing very well in her forever home and it sounds like she is still acting out on her love of removing ears and tags.  Yes, ears and tags... they stand no chance!  I think the only thing she loved more than proudly removing them was stealing snuggling up with my N-A-P pillow! As I was vacuuming the other day, I discovered a couple of tags and a miscellaneous ear (think it came from this stuffed moose) and I thanked little Izzy for leaving us reminders of her.  We hope to visit with her soon!

Sake_31012e Sake_32412d



HH and The Boys said...

So happy to hear that Izzy found a forever home that is perfect for her. What a wonderful thing. Thanks so much for posting all the pictures. I loved looking at them.

Hope you'll update up on how Izzy does.

Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max

SissySees said...

Glad she found her forever home. What a doll!!

Stacey @ RealWorldMom (Linky) said...

What a wonderful mission to accomplish! If Izzy could thank you, I know she would. Thank you for doing what you do! :)

AllyB said...

So glad she found a home. She seems like such a nice pup.

Kari in Alaska said...

Hooray Izzy!!!

Stop on by for a visit

Kathy R said...

Congratulations on helping Izzy find a wonderful home! You must feel good knowing that!

She is such a cutie.

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