Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Bandana?

Happy Monday... or rather, ugh Monday already?  Did you celebrate Bandana Day yesterday?  What is bandana day, you say?  Wag on over to Sue's blog and read all about it!  Instead of a chosen color this year, it was "pick your own."  The Lapdogs were very excited to drive Mama crazy on our photo shoot participate... and that left some great outtakes appropriate for Mischief Monday!

I love this shot of my boys, so it's not so much of a mischief outtake.  Tut sported his flames (which goes along with his namesake, as he was named after the Teutuls of American Chopper/Orange County Choppers) and Zeus sported his red, white and blue!


I tried for a 4-doggy shot, but this was the best we got.  Anyone seen the Princess?


There she is, fixated on something (probably a critter in the yard) behind her sister Lola, who sported Mommy's favorite "Bone Jovi" bandana.  

BandanaDay_LolaSophie_6812 BandanaDay_Lola_6812e

Teutul and his "I'm Sexy and I Know It" pose... the second shot was a hit on Instagram over the weekend.

BandanaDay_TutLola_6812 Untitled

My hooey hounds!  Sophie, aka Miss Princess, didn't make too many of the photos. She sported a custom made doggy bandana that is somewhat too small for her now... maybe she was embarrassed and just wanted to wear the bad-arse flames or the red, white and blue?

BandanaDay_TutSophie_6812 BandanaDay_Zeus_6812

Thank you to Sue for organizing Bandana Day!  Woof, Woof


tubby3pug said...

Oh Bandana day, we didnt know and Bob has a pretty cool bandanna in o ur post for today

Urban Hounds

Bassetmomma said...

Those are some pretty cool bandannas!

Marjie said...

I saw you guys over at Sue's! You sure were colorful!

Dawn said...

Such sweet faces!!!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Cute bandanas. I still have a few from the 80's.

Colby said...

I didn't know it was bandana day? However, Apache did get a chance to wear a bandana for a moment at the guide dog open house.

Happy Monday!

Sue said...

Even you outtakes are great. Way to go.

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