Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot as Heck Friday

Excuse the late (and probably un-exciting) post today, but we are melting up here... and it looks like our very busy weekend is only going to be hotter and more humid.  ugh  The dogs just enjoyed an entire tray of Freezy Pups - so quickly that I only managed these two photos.

Untitled Untitled

While the kids munch up their chicken icies, I'm enjoying a very tall glass of...


... my second batch of sun tea made with Pineapple Sage from my container garden.  This time I made sure to muddle it more and the flavors are definitely more pronounced.  It's quite delicious if I do say so myself!

Little Booth is still wearing everyone out crashing at our house.  I can't believe that tomorrow marks two weeks!  He's such a cute little man, I thought for sure someone would have scooped him up already.  Not to mention, he's been to two NELCAR races with us and we all know what happened the last time we took a foster to the track!  I'm playing catch up with photos from the camera... these are a few shots of his very first day in New England, at the race track in Unity, Maine!

Booth_Unity_63012c Booth_Unity_63012e

I think he was ready to help his foster Daddy wheel the #8... at least until someone else started their engine, then it was time to bail out!

Matt_Booth_Unity_63012 Matt_Booth_Unity_63012b
Matt_Booth_Unity_63012c Matt_Booth_Unity_63012d

Boo has become quite the little ant hunter and has enjoyed many afternoons of hunting on the deck.  Check out his mad skills!  (that's a Puppy Bumper he's wearing... stay tuned for our review!)

It's NASCAR weekend in New England and we have a very busy couple of days ahead of us!  We'll be displaying the race car at one of our sponsors tomorrow for their annual store event and then we'll be at the track on Sunday.  The Legends hit the track early in the morning before the Cup race, so if you're heading to NHMS, get there early and come check out the Legends race down in turns 1 & 2 around 9am!


Have a great weekend... and stay cool!


Sue said...

We just made some icies for our pack. They love those things.

He's got some great moves with the bug hunt.

Stay cool.
Sue and the Pack

WonderWhyGal said...

I like those icees.
My dogs are super easy...they think plain ice cubes are the bomb

AllyB said...

I love those trays!and a sip of that tea would be so refreshing.

Kathy R said...

Freezy that! Is this something you buy or something you make with ingredients around the house? I'd like to know more.

I love the bone tray.

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