Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I don't normally make a habit of posting twice in one day, but the story of Lennox has really torn at my heart strings today.  This innocent boy was taken from his loving family over two years ago, simply because of the way his body looked.  They fought the law all this time, and sadly, today the law won and murdered Lennox.

The beautiful boy lived in Belfast, where ignorant BSL laws prevent anyone from owning a pit bull - or apparently, anything that may possibly be a pittie.  Lennox was not a pittie, he was an American Bull cross.  Shame on you Belfast... I used to want to visit Ireland, but don't think so anymore.  The Council workers claimed Lennox was "unpredictable and dangerous," yet there are photos of the same workers hugging and playing with him -- would you put your face in that of a dog you thought was "dangerous?"  Victoria Stilwell wanted to take the dog to the US and let him live his life out at a sanctuary - I don't believe she even received an acknowledgement about her request.  The Council held Lennox for two years in subpar conditions, then would not even allow his loving family to be with him in the end... from what I'm reading, they won't even allow them to see his body.  Can you imagine this happening to your baby... just because of the way he or she "looks?" 

Lennox's story made me cry this morning, but when I just saw this image on the Save Lennox facebook page, I became a blubbering baby.

Please... hold your furbabies a little closer today in Lennox's honor... and do whatever you can to stand up against BSL.  Rest in Peace beautiful boy....... may you find the happiness you deserve over the Bridge.


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

From the mom - I HATE BEING AT WORK RITE NOW! This is so very sad and I am so very glad my office mate is not here today as I sniffle and close to tears. It is just so unfair - when will, if ever get it - don't judge something by it's cover or what you may think that cover is.

Sue said...

I just read about this online. It's so wrong!!! Why are people so stupid?

Blueberry's human said...

I read about this online too - just such a horrible thing to go through for the owners of Lennox and Lennox too! I don't even have words to describe how rotten this whole thing is. It's an outrage.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

More from the mom - To add more heartache on top of heartache for Lennox’s family – I am on Facebook and so is Victoria Stilwell and a few months back, I “liked” her page so that now I see her comments/posts. She said that she has a connection at the BBC who told her about Lennox’s death – Lennox’s family had not even been told by the Belfast City Council about his death – they found out when Victoria told them. More proof of just how big of a chicken-sh!t the Council is.

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